St. Brown Brothers Recap the Game and talk packers

Equanimous talked some big smack before the game. They didn’t talk too much about the game. He said it was bad from the top to the bottom. Coaches need to coach better. Players need to play better.

Nice of Aman Ra to let him off the hook without saying too much.

Talk Packers game. They are excited to finally get a primetime game. Want to finish on a high with a winning record no matter what. Will practice outside this week.

This is shocking. The Lions haven’t recorded their intro name and school because they haven’t had a primetime game!!! That’s freaking crazy. Talk about red headed step child treatment.


They don’t do it for the Thanksgiving game?

That’s what I was wondering but I missed the start of that one and didn’t look it up

I really enjoy hearing their take on things and their banter. No doubt, they’re brothers.:grin:


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