St. Brown Is The Man


Well just get the Kleenex out now in a tiny way. What doesn’t or can’t this man do? Going into cancer treatment and his favorite player just told him no worries you got it. Nothing can stop you.


St. Brown is the real deal.

Fist bump, head bump, direct eye contact…“nothing can stop you”.

He meant what he said. You can’t fake that type of interaction.


Love everything about this dude (except the hair)

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You bet. And presently, the 3rd or 4th best WR from the 2021 WR class.

No. 114 overall with 18 catches of 20+ yards & 2 rushes of 20+ yards in 25 games:

No. 10 overall with 22 catches of 20+ yards & 0 rushes of 20+ yards: in 26 games:

No. 20 overall:

No. 27 overall:

No. 34 overall:

No. 49 overall (and why I don’t like little guys at the WR position):

No. 59 overall:

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