Stacked coaching staff

Frank Reich’s first Panthers staff at the moment:
Sr. asst. - Jim Caldwell
QB - Josh McCown
OL - James Campen
Off TBD - Duce Staley
DC - Ejiro Evero
Sr. def. asst. - Dom Capers
LB - Peter Hansen
ST - Chris Tabor

If they can get a QB… they got a solid young squad and talent, watch out for them in these couple years


How does no one just keep him? He’s good enough at this job to not be moving around all the time.

Although I suppose he was with Evero in Denver so he’s not moving DCs even though he’s moving teams.

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I’d like to insult them, but they beat the living crap out of the Lions last year. They might actually be pretty good, and that division is terrible, they could easily win it.


I don’t care!

Go Lions!

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It looks like they are trying to recreate the Detroit Lions down there! They took our RB coach and our old head coach. They took one of our old QBs and made him head coach. They took another one of our old QBs and made him the QB coach. They even took our news girl!

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they also stole our lunch and spit it on our face on Christmas Eve.


When did he leave us?
Did he leave about when Pleasant was fired or was it before that?

Wait a minute ? When did we become a trend setter? Nothing computes any more…

They make me so angry!!!

Look Whos Talking Now Omg GIF

…and they kicked the shit out of us and we missed the playoffs because of it.

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We missed the top pick because they let the Rams get Baker Mayfield and he won some games. But we missed the playoffs because Baker Mayfield wasn’t good enough to beat the Seahawks! It never stops!


Josh McCown played with Sam Darnold @NYJ. The guy played in the NFL for many years (15+) and was essentially mentoring the young Sam when he played. Now he’s his coach for real, leading me to believe the Panthers are all in on Sam Darnold.

Frank Reich…Josh McCown…Sam Darnold is their guy.

The Panthers are going to copy our ‘Goff’ playbook and build around a castaway QB.

My first question is how old is Dom Capers?!

They should be pretty good, which will make it even sweeter when we knock them out of the playoffs next year.

They truly did ■■■■ us this past year. We could be a shoo in for Jalen Carter and celebrating a SB victory right about now if not for them…

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Sam Darnold is a free agent.

Sam Darnold would be an entirely different kind of reclamation project. The guy can’t even get to 60% completions.


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72! Just a spring chicken

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That’s an impressive staff on paper.

Got to give that man some credit.

They could be winning their division soon.


They’ve added Shawn Jefferson at WR coach today and have brought in DeAngelo Hall, too.

I came in to post this. DeAngelo frickin Hall is their new DB coach.

Does anyone remember the free agency period when news broke that we had signed DeAngelo Hall, but it turned out to be bullshit? I think it was announced that we had signed Reggie Bush soon after that.