Stafford activated off COVID list - false positive

Oh, and Kelly is pissed at the NFL.

Today, theDetroit Lions announced Matthew Stafford had been activated from the reserve/COVID-19 list. Stafford received a false positive after testing negative twice, and he tested negative three times after the false positive. He’ll be permitted to return to the Allen Park facility on Wednesday, but his wife, Kelly, is not happy with the process she and her family had to go through over the past four days.

Kelly’s Instagram:

“The past four days have been somewhat of a nightmare. For 24 hours, we believed my husband was positive for covid… We were all tested the day after and we were all negative including Matthew…then he tested negative again, then again, again, and again.

After his second negative, we were made adware [sic] of the ‘false positives’ and how this was one of those cases.

I have been losing my mind because of how my Family has been treated since my husband was put on COVID-IR.

Even after we knew it was false positive, our school told us they were not allowed back, I was approached in a grocery store and told I was ‘endangering others,’ my kids were harassed and kick off a playground, I was told I needed to wait in my car when trying to pick up food, and people closest to us had to get tested just so they could go back to work… and that’s just to name a few things. I don’t blame these scenarios on any of the people directly involved… I understand where they are coming from, but I do blame the @NFL. I blame the @NFL for not holding themselves accountable. These are people’s lives and livelihoods that are in those results in THEIR test sites. Maybe we should be absolutely positive a person has covid before releasing that info to the world. I’m sharing our experience because I don’t want it happening to any other family that plays for this league.

We are thankful for those who called, texted, emailed and showed concern for matthew and our family. Your thoughts during this strange, difficult time are greatly appreciated… but we are all absolutely fine and feeling great. Thank God for that.”

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Here is San Antonio you can order groceries online and have them delivered to your doorstep with no contact at all with anybody. If I was Kelly I’d be doing that anyway. Hell, you can get any darn thing you want from Amazon and Walmart and have it delivered. It’s getting so you don’t have to leave the house for a damn thing. Costs $5 delivery fee plus the driver tip, BFD.

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yes It’s BS that in a PROFESSIONAL sports conglomerate that they could run out and release a statement that JMS had ti be put on an active Covid list even though he tested negative for NOT having it three or more times… just a bad look for the NFL —again.

If he did test positive, then they shouldn’t have been out and about and at school. If it was a false positive, well we didn’t hear about this until today so how is everyone supposed to know?
That’s the problem with being rich and famous I guess.

Isn’t HIPPA supposed to protect people from this?
Why is anyone announcing that Stafford was even tested at all?

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Yes, it is.
The Lions could be facing a huge fine, on each count. Given the high profile of the scam, the CDC (and those pulling the levers) are very likely to be pissed and eager to enforce the LAW (for a change).

I don’t think it’s the Lions fault, they report it to the NFL. I think that’s why Kelly is specifically calling-out the NFL.


Are you a transplant from Michigan? My wife and I keep throwing around the idea of moving to Houston or San Antonio.

San Antonio is a dry heat. Much more bearable.
It rains everyday in Houston. I couldn’t take it. Ridiculous humidity.

Just goes to show that these test are not always accurate. How people tested positive that were really negative. Just dont know what to believe


Exactly. This has happened multiple times on the pga tour as well. Gotta think numbers are grossly inflated in USA.


Hi Detfan, long time no see ,WB.

Do Not Get The Queen Karen Mad at you, Goodell.

Srsly, dont.

One of my favorite places is just SW of SA… Utopia, TX and right next to that is Leaky, TX…

One is home to my favorite movie: Sevens Days in Utopia.

The other is a top ten motorcycle fav. For riding called the three twisted sisters…!


Like to read comments mostly thanks
.If they get it wrong 1 out of three times with Stafford what are real results in the us.

I have been waiting for something like this to happen, and someone to throw out HIPAA. While Coronavirus is highly infectious, it’s true that there are many other diseases that are that you cannot say a word about. The fact of the matter is, we are all supposed to operate under the assumption that anyone could have anything at anytime. We all work daily among people who have infectious diseases that we never know about. That’s all done for a reason, and it’s to stop people from treating each other different because of an illness.

I wonder how all the people who whined and cried about this being “The worst case scenario” feel now? It wasn’t even a situation, and it generated panic. Once again, we have another case of “what if our prevention/detection methods are working against us more than helping us?”

Born in Jackson MI, dad was a career Army man so we moved around a lot. I went into the USAF back in the 70s when the Arab oil embargo killed so many jobs in MI, including mine. My last duty station was in San Antonio, and here I am today. It’s just too freakin’ cold up north, I-10 is about a far north as I want to go.

San Antonio has fairly mild winters but the summers will hit triple digits quite often. We don’t get the humidity that Houston does, nor the mosquitoes that go with all that rain. It ain’t the worst place to retire, and the tex-mex food is really good.


The vast majority of medical tests are not 100% accurate. Check out cancer screening results if you want a real shocker. The current Covid testing has a false positive reading around 4% of the time, but this is to ensure that there are no positive false readings. Better to er on the side of caution with some false positive diagnosis being inevitable.

But it’s mostly uninformed people who get their information from Facebook or some talking pundit that put us into the situation we are currently in. Regardless of how successful our national government is telling us we are doing against Covid, the fact remains that we have about 5% of the worlds population but nearly 25% of the deaths. Now let that sink in before dismissing due to the next conspiracy theory.

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And that’s mostly because governors of a few states didn’t follow recommendations for quarantining the elderly… Imagine if NY and NJ did what Florida did and protected the most vulnerable… We’d be in much better shape

Welcome to the Den @Detfan

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