Stafford and Mcvay in Mexico same time

glad we got good value for Stafford but seems strange

I’m sure that the Rams and McVay were #1 on Stafford’s list.


“Stafford and Mcvay in Mexico same time”

Does Kelly know? I’m a little surprised by this, especially given how jealous Mcvay got, when someone mentioned his girl as someone he’d like to “pipe”. Friggin’ Hyppocrite.

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Probably an all-hands meeting with Rob Parker.

Was that real?

That sounds little fishing. If I was the lion’s I would question it, and would’ve traded Stafford some where else.

Oh it’s definitely DEEPLY fishy. And if the league actually cared about tampering, it would be a huge red flag. But honestly, given what we ended up getting, I can’t really complain. It’s not like we gave the Rams a discount; if anything, Brad Holmes used is insider knowledge of the Rams’ priorities to extract maximum value. No way I can look at that deal and think he took a lesser offer to do a solid for Stafford OR McVay.


Just seems like Stafford wasn’t going anywhere else .i think LA was getting him no matter what
glad lions front office didn’t give in to lesser value

It was reported that Stafford and Kelly had dinner with Sean and his fiance before the trade… Not sure if that’s tampering or not. They’re out of the country, do the same rules apply? :joy:

It was fun to say :wink:
If you have to explain your jokes, they probably weren’t that good. happens to me all the time. I missed on another one.

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I wonder if Matt piped his fiancé

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We will know soon enough. I’m pretty sure he’s impregnated Kelly every time they’ve done it. Laser accuracy, bruh!

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I wonder if Kelly has tight windows, or is wide open?

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Four kids answers that one.


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Hahaha this thread is hilarious.

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I wouldn’t think twice about it in this case because we got so much for Stafford. I would think it was fishy if the Rams only offered something small and Stafford somehow manipulated the situation to get the other offers pulled.

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This sounds a little like how the Shawshank Redemption ends after Red was paroled after serving 40 years.

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She was definitely wide open, but most of the time her threw her open,