Stafford on his future with the Lions: "I'll figure that out and talk about that later on"


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(1) Andrew Siciliano on Twitter: “Matthew Stafford, asked about his future with the Lions. “I’ll figure that out and talk about that later on.”" / Twitter

There is nothing here. Why do this?

Watching the video; knowing who the OP is… why do this?? You’re making drama for your own sake

Go listen and go with it instead of twisting it like a stupid reporter or writer does…

He’s focused on te Bears: nothing my more

I actually loved Matt’s ease in speaking in this video…


Really hoping he forces the Lions hand and asks for a trade. Time to start completely fresh and admit that Stafford has been a failure here. Like Orlovsky said (and I have said for years) it’s time for both parties to part ways. It’s a move that needs to happen for both sides.

Vegas Indy or New Orleans are my 3 guesses on where he ends up. All 3 would be good situations for him.


Thank you for saying this. I watched the video before I saw this link. The video was exactly how you stated it to be. He isn’t looking past the last 5 games. 3 days ago he said he was committed to Detroit and wants to win in DETROIT. One thing Stafford isn’t is bi-polar. He only talks when he has something to say and he doesn’t flake. The OP is simply gloating and trying to pound his chest. Notice how he is talking…he is a lot more approachable and courteous because he believes he is right and everything he has been talking about for the last few months/years is finally going to come to fruition. If you try and defend stafford or be a rational person you get mocked…he is going to flip sh$t if Stafford is still here in training camp next year and the lions, God Forbid, draft Micah Parsons, and not the heir apparent. :joy: :joy: :roll_eyes:

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Great videos imho


I want 9-7 or 8-8 … and keep Matt but that’s me

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Bandwidth, lol

Who’s making drama here, again?

I posted an NFL beat writer’s tweet.

Denial brother … that is a tweet that should never have been posted and before had go watch the video to make sure the idiot tweeter was actually right with his post…

I never repost shit for this reason

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Stafford’s no dummy. He knows how this USUALLY goes, and he heard Sheila’s, “That’s up to the next coach” comment.

He’d have come off rather pathetically if he started campaigning to keep his Lions gig now.

I’d say he handled it rather diplomatically.

There will be a number of suitors for him – and many of them would be great spots for him, from his perspective. People who think the Lions can’t get at least a 1st for him are nuts.

I think Jimmy is going back to New England and Mayhew grabs his 1st draft pick ever back and it all goes full circle

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I would be okay with Stafford in San Francisco.

Or maybe he really doesn’t know. It isn’t really up to him.
I highly doubt he is worried about next year.

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Ehh I disagree, typically when a quarterback of Stafford’s age and caliber gets traded their is some type of extension/restruction proceeding them going to another team.

See Carson Palmer to Oakland and Alex Smith going to Washington.

His willingness to cooperate with all of this will determine where he goes.

He has the I’ll just retire card to leverage being sent anywhere he doesn’t want to go. The man has made over 200 million dollars already so it’s not an idle threat.


I think he can fetch a late first… I could see a team like The Steelers having a deep run in the playoffs but ultimately fall short. Cut Roethlisberger beginning of the league year and trade for Staff. Same deal with the Saints. Definitely a market for him.

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I hope the new GM does the right thing and sets him free before it’s too late. Stafford needs a fresh start, the Lions need a fresh start, our fanbase needs a fresh start.

It’s just not going to happen for Stafford here. I would love for him to go to a contender and succeed (New Orleans perhaps?) and to be honest, I’m ready to move on from Stafford as I’m sure some of you are too not because he isn’t good but because it has become stale kind of like Drummond with the Pistons for example. Good player but time to move on after years of mediocrity.

Brother, Steelers aren’t cutting Ben. He is going out on his terms. That’s how they do it in Steeler nation. That is why they are a top franchise in the NFL. Now I’d give the world to see him in Pittsburgh…but they aren’t cutting Ben to do it.


I meant as to whether the next regime will bring him back. They could decide to move him or have him be a bridge QB and replace him with a rookie mid way through the season.


Can we cut it with the Stafford to the Steelers stuff?
You really believe they are going to cut Roethlisberger and suffer a $22.2 million cap hit, give up draft capital, and break a new QB into their system?
Roethlisberger is playing a hell of a lot better than Stafford is this season anyway.

At least make things somewhat realistic.

If Rivers hangs it up after this year, I can see Indy as an obvious choice…and they’ll probably at least make the playoffs this year, so they’ll have a later first rd pick that they may be willing to part with to plug Stafford in to help get them over the hump next year.

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I don’t see Rivers, Brees, Roethlisberger, or Brady hanging it up after this year.
To me, the most realistic landing spot for Stafford outside of Detroit would be Washington, but Stafford will most likely be on the Lions roster next year.