Stafford should not have played after that hit

His eyes rolled into the back of his head. Clear concussion. This needs to be investigated by the league.

What in the actual ■■■■.

I also see that Aidan and McNeil tried pulling up and not putting their body weight on him. So to the Rams fans who said it was dirty, they can get ■■■■■■.


My guess is that this will be a pretty big story in the coming days.


Yeah, I saw that he was knocked out. If we can see it, I’m sure the doctors could. Stafford is a hell of a player (I hadn’t watched too many games of his until he joined the Rams, but he is H of F caliber).


I referred to the NFL’s independent neurologists as clowns with Party City stethoscopes in another thread, so I’ll repeat that here.


Hope he is okay. Bad.

I can imagine the discussion in the blue tent…
Matt, do you know where you are?
Stafford: Ford Field?
Matt, what day is it?
Stafford: Sunday?
Matt, what year is it?
Stafford: 2014?

Ok, Matt, you are good to go. Now get out there and win this thing!

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“Matthew, how many fingers am I holding up?”

Little Hands Middle Finger GIF by Feliks Tomasz Konczakowski

Stafford: “Wait - did you say fingers or hands?”

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La fans aren’t real fans.

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Yeah that is bad.

Hope there are no lingering effects. I wanted to see him on his backside, but not seriously injured.

Concussions are cumulative and Stafford’s had his share. And while he’s a warrior, he should really consider how much longer he wants to play. The most dangerous part is not the concussion itself, but having another blow to the head before the brain can heal from the first one. That is how CTE develops and why they are supposed to be pulled from the game, period.

Matt’s a rich dude. A Hall of Famer. Four beautiful kiddos. He ought to think about hanging them up. Maybe one more season I would think.


He didn’t play like he was concussed

Les Snead: f$ck them brain cells!

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Hope he’s feeling okay, today.
He spoke well at the post game. That’s a good sign.

On a different note, when someone called him Jason Vorhees I felt that. I can’t unsee that comparison.

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I don’t know much about the technical medical side of all this… Seeing black, seeing stars or whatever after a blow to the dome of some kind.

I remember my Jr year in basketball practice I took an elbow to the top of my head on a rebound. I landed on my hands and knees and swear I see blackness and stars for a second. What’s that mean? Did my eyes just roll back or did I just blink? Stood up slow but continued.

Since then I’ve had a pretty bad head injury where I’ve have to be careful of even getting the slightest whiplash.

But that one hit to the head playing basketball was puzzling and I never thought anything of it until I started taking concussion protocol tests for youth coaching.

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Though it wasn’t malicious intent, i’d have flagged 54 there for contacting the head with the ball out.