Stafford to help fallen reporter

Paying their medical bill

Doesn’t surprise me. IMO Matt has always come across as a regular guy that just happens to play football for a career.


kelly is a pretty great human too. Love me some Staffords.


Pass hard on Kelly

He should after his reaction when she fell. I’m sure he was drunk but that’s no excuse. This is the first time I was ashamed to be a Stafford supporter. His wife is saint for real. He couldn’t have married a better human and bigger fan of his

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The way she looks at him says how good he is to her. She looks at him like he’s a GD super hero. Matt is a great dude, and very good to his queen. She’s always done great for him too.

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I’m a big Stafford supporter but that was a bad look. With that said, what the fuck was he going to do there? He was hammered. He wouldn’t have been in any condition to help the situation. The entire situation sucked and the PR bullshit is the least of it. I’m glad the lady wasn’t hurt worse and seems to be able to recover.

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Yep…someone falls off a stage you rush over and yell for help. Not just laugh shrug and walk away. I’m sure he got treated better with his injuries over the years.

In the end the Stafford’s got it right. If I’m that photographer I’d much prefer to have my medical and equipment bills taken care of than to have a drunken, unqualified, non medical person rush over to try offer aid. We’ve all made bad choices when we’ve been over served. I’m certainly not going to hold this incident against Matt as he has proven time and again to be a guy who tries to do the right thing. And at the conclusion, he nailed it again. Just like I expected he would.

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I was also surprised , may be he was drunk , very opposite of stafford . If Kelly has fallen also stafford might have reacted same due to drink . Last year Brady looked really drunk