Stafford to Jets?

They were looking for him before going after Aaron Rodgers, now that Arod is hurt and possibly for the year, do you go after Matthew Stafford? That defense is too good, go all in this season… I believe if Stafford gets traded to the Jets they’ll be my Superbowl favorites.


That would be great for Matt and the Jets, but, the Jets just leveraged everything to trade for Rogers.
Then, what happens in March?
And, then there’s the matter of Matt’s ailments. The Jets would have the two very expensive contracts of two ailment prone aging QB’s with no guarantee of having a starting QB between the two.
I can’t imagine it.
Now, Trey Lance is another story.

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Jets have a huge issue on their offensive line that they need to resolve before bringing in another older qb for defenses to tee off on.


Cap hit would be stupid for Stafford and Rodgers


Cannot happen—- $$$

Rams are not going to let go of Stafford and Jets don’t have the trade capital.

It was a pick swap and 2nd

I’d rather us trade for Stafford if our defense continues to look legitimate and Goff goes down for the season.