Stafford traded from the Lions to the Rams in a blockbuster QB deal that doesn’t help the Chicago Bears one bit

Good. Can’t stand “da Bears.”

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I think we are still sitting with the 2nd best QB in the Division.

And being 26, if he turns out to be a viable replacement for Stafford, he’ll still be around when freaking Rodgers decides to retire. Hopefully we’re set at QB with Goff for the next 10+ years.


He’s close enough to Cousins that their ranking for #2 could flip flop from week to week.


Yeah, I could definitely agree with that.

Will get a better feel when we start watching him week in and week out.

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They strike me as incredibly similar QBs.

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Cousins is better than Goff

Yeah. Bundle them up with Tannehill and you’re looking at 3 QBs who basically are “the run sets up the pass” type QBs. You could probably add Garapolo to that list.

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Probably. He’s been more consistent year in and year out. Do keep in mind that when Cousins was Goff’s age he was 2-7 in 9 career starts.


Tannehill’s much more athletic though

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I agree there, sure. Overall they’re starters but not franchise QBs who’ve been abandoned by their first team but can find success on a club that’s committed to the run and play action. They’re also kind of “friends with benefits” in that their current team will keep them around, but if a prettier girl enters the room, it could be curtains.

Agreed. IMO we exchanged a 33 year old top 10-12 QB for a 26 year old top 16-20 QB and two firsts and a 3rd. Given the circumstance I think that’s quite good.


The logic will be ignored. Lol

We can trade down and take best CB, Edge or DT on the board to a QB hungry team- see SF.

Add C Barmore, Dylan Moses, Rhondale, and A Samuel Jr, and a RG in first 3 rounds. RB in 4

Take top Edge, a top WR next year, DT in 2, and RB in 3…

If Goff isn’t the Guy, trade both 1sts and a 2nd in 23’ for “THE GUY” with all the other talent in place…

Yeah, no complaints here. We’ll see how it goes. There’s a lot of question marks that will directly impact his production this year.

Well put- factoring age give. The 2 years left on Stafford deal, and two years of guaranteed money with Goff. Let’s base this on 21’ and 22’ only

R Wilson
A Rodgers
J Allen
D Watson- diva
T Brady- if he chooses
K Murray
J Herbert
L Jackson
Dak- assuming health
Matt Ryan
Burrow- assuming health
Baker Mayfield
Big Ben

D Jones
A Smith
Teddy B

The latter group isn’t in order, but their teams want to replace them. Each are either on rookie deals or making 21m plus btw.

I don’t think Baker should be above Goff but I think Carr should probably be above him. Stafford is too low IMO.

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One thing we know for sure - You’re not an NFL scout.


C’mon man, that’s harsh . . . true, but harsh :grinning:


Exactly. Those picks are gonna be HUGE. Who knows, maybe Goff catapults into a top 10-12 QB in 2 years. He is still so young, has plenty of time yet still for developing.


Yeah. Goff is only seven months older than a Baker Mayfield.

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