Stafford Watch

RE: Top QB’s in the NFL

After Week #2

Stafford is #2 (tie) in TD passes with 5

Stafford is #5 in Passing Yards and Yds/game

11th in QBR

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I thought this was going to be an advertisement for Timex…


He does take a licking and keeps on ticking


Actually, he’d be more like a Rolex… that you buy on a Hong Kong street corner.


Pass the TP (3-ply, please)…

10th in attempts

18th in completion percentage

10th in YPA

Stafford threads are like Energizer Bunnies…

Stafford is #2 (tie) in TD passes with 5

10th in attempts, but still 5th in total yards - awesome!

11th in QBR, but 18th in completion percentage probably means a lot of drops and throwaways?

As for YPA, contextualize it with points #1 & #2! Nice!

Looks like a nice, solid #2 tier QB (just like the majority of SB winners)

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Or a high percentage of uncatchable passes…

Yes…and the truth is usually somewhere in the middle

Good looking watch!

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Stafford is tied for dead last in the league…

…in number of losses for the season.


well, he’s no Cam Newton, but he’s not been on the money on a significant number of passes.

22.9% is not a good number.

Sure it’s a new system, but this is the kind of thing you get when you throw down field more instead of protecting his stat line by dinking and dunking (Caldwell ball).

Think that I’m saying dink dunk is bad? Nope. Brady is a dink dunker. No problem with his game at all.

Where are the missed throws from Stafford? I haven’t seen them. His fundamentals and ball placement have been very good. His movement and decision making has been solid. Every player will have days where there is fair criticism, but to have any credibility you have to actually have something to point to.

That’s what I’m saying…According to the stats, Matt is throwing over 22% uncatchable balls. That’ll get you benched or fired. They have to be counting throwaways, and also - it’s interpretive. Who is determining what is catchable? Some packer fan? Means nothing. We won. Cool story. Next week, we have a chance to win, and one of the biggest reasons why, is because we have a really nice QB.

Really? Come on, man.

He’s got 65% completion. That’s leaves 35% incomplete. Are you saying all of those are drops, intentional throwaways and PI that wasn’t called?

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So are “drops”. If you have to scoop the turf but you get your hands on it…

My spin is that it’s good, sometimes, that his passes are un-catchable. Look at the pass at the end of the game in Arizona…

Highest QBR in the division, too…and it’s not all that close!

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I’d rather have Stafford than any of the other 3 in the division, right now. He’s got the highest completion%, too!
Imagine if he had a decent oline!

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There are a lot of reasons completions are not made. Drops, throw aways, defensive interference, avoiding pressure and trying to hit a tight window, throwing timing routes where the receiver can’t get to his spot, etc… Exactly which throws are you referring to? This general 35% incomplete nonsense is not inaccuracy of the QB. Look at the other QB’s in the game and see what windows they are throwing into. The winning TD to Golladay was a very tight window and Stafford put a lot of zip on it. If the location isn’t perfect it isn’t being caught. Enjoy it as it is special.