Stat Prediction for Sam LaPorta All Lions predicts rookie TE's stat line for the 2023 season

40 catches for 448 yards and 3 TDs.

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Higher. He’s Amon-Ra of the TEs without the draft disrespect. He’s 7-Eleven: He’s always open and Jared likes open receivers. If a TE can be a TD vulture like Swaggy, LaPorta is the guy.

It’s June, guys…


Gibbs- 600 yards rushing and 65 catches 600 yards receiving 10 tds

Laporta- 50 catches for 600 yards 5 tds

Jack campbell- 85 tackles 2 sacks and 1 int

Branch- 60 tackles 2 ints and 1sack

Bro Mart- 28 tackles and 1 sack

A Greene- 17 catches 235 yards 1 TD

I may be way off base here but I’m not sure how much playing time branch gets when you look at who is ahead of him. ST absolutely, some DB time yes but I don’t see him starting unless Walker and Mosely don’t make the start of the season. IIRC, there have been articles saying they will make the start. If correct then ahead of Branch:

Sutton, Mosely, CGJG, Walker, Joseph, Jacobs. I know they don’t all play safety but, still three safeties in front of him or at least two in Walker and Joseph if you don’t put CGJG there.

…plus 3 blocks that send Gibby to the end zone!

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It is impossible to predict stats like this in a vacuum. LaPorta has a very pro ready receiving game and I think he is capable of 70-80 catches for 900-1,000 and 10 TD’s year 1. If he went to a team where he was one of the top 2 options, I think that would be attainable.

Fact is Goff played all 17 games and threw for 4,438 yards last year. Lets assume he throws for 4,800 yards this year with improved weapons and a guy like Jamo who can stretch the field. Even though we all know this won’t happen, I am going to assume everyone stays healthy for arguments sake.

St. Brown - 1,200 yards
Jameson Williams - 600 yards
Jahmyr Gibbs - 600 yards
Marvin Jones - 500 yards
Sam LaPorta - 500 yards
Kalif Raymond - 300 yards
David Montgomery - 300 yards
Rest of TE’s - 300 yards
Everyone else - 500 yards

I think all the projections above are more than reasonable. St. Brown almost had 1,200 last year and he missed a game and a major chunk of at least two more games. Swift had almsot 400 yards receiving even with all the time he missed. Raymonds had over 600 yards last year. 500 receiving yards would be Marvin Jones lowest output since his rookie year (he missed all of 2014).

I love LaPorta as much as the next guy, but there are a lot of mouths to feed.


I think this depends on how many plays they actually use him as a runner.
I can see him getting a thousand yards receiving. This guy has such sick home run ability. I think he will have a few games with over 100 yards receiving. That’s 300 in just 3 games.

I think Gibbs will be a big surprise for some of you guys.

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Which is a really good thing. So hard to predict the stats though, because as we all know injuries or lack of injuries often decides most of the production. Imagine trying to predict Chark and Swift stats last year for example before the season. Or J-Will’s career season.

Brodric won’t hit double digit tackles or games played

I got A Greene 9 catches 180 yards and 2TDs
…both in one game like our boy Zylstra did.

I mean he better be lol…we took him 12th overall.

I think those who pay the closest attention expect big things. @Lyonfan1 1200 yard, 10 TD prediction is a good one. It’s basically what I’m expecting.

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