State history for me!

Guys I left Detroit over 30 years ago. I do my best to follow our Lions as much as I can. I was a Killer lacky on his forum for a long time. That helped. And I just found this forum in the last week or so.

So my questions - how did we lose both N Suh and N Fairley in basically the same time? Couldn’t we have used a tag to restrict them from leaving? I have to admit those two lined up together were very effective!

Or was losing them no big deal? Were they basically done?

And, last thing, what have been our 5 best FA signings? TJ - the OL from Green Bay? Dre Bly? Warford was pretty good. (was he a FA signing?) Anyone else?

I remember a DE named Van Den Bosh or something like that?


Welcome! Why live in the past?! :crazy_face:

Roll with MCDC baby!!

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Suh left after the 2014 season when it would have cost us $27M to franchise him, because Mayhew became reckless with mortgaging the future to try to get from a bad team to a mediocre and refinanced Suh’s contract (what the Saints/Packers are doing now . . . but they are/have been trying to get past mediocre/good and get to the Super Bowl) and drove his franchise tag cost from what would have been around $20M to $27M.

Fairley I think was more a product of Suh and he was able to cash in with the Rams/Saints.

Charles Harris for 1yr $1.75M in 2021 has to be way up there on the UFA signings. Vander Bosh and Tulloch from Tennessee under Schwartz were solid Vets.

Best FA signings should include Tate, Marvin Jones and … the safety…. name escapes me this morning

Beat me to Tate and Marvin Jones. The safety was Glover Quin. TJ Lang was expensive and under-performed, we gave up a younger Warford for him. Bad move on both sides. Losing Suh was a big deal. Our D was never the same.

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Yep forgot about them.

I think we’re forgetting all the good UFA’s that Millen signed . . . . Um . . . . Ok, nevermind.

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Glover Quin

Loved that dude for the dude he is more than the player, but he was still a very good player.


Suh was polarizing, expensive, and he wanted to move on.
Fairley just wasn’t as good as advertised.

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