State of the 2023 Minnesota Vikings: Can Kirk Cousins and Co. defend NFC

“The Vikings were pretty bad in rushing last year, as they ranked 27th in the league.”
Pretty sure that isn’t likely to change.
Overall, their “key departures” are huge esp on D, which already sucked. And game 18 isn’t likely to determine who wins the north.

Have to agree with you here. I actually think the Vikes end up 3rd in the division, but I don’t think that is a particularly hot take. I do think they will be able to put up some points but not enough to keep up with their opposition.

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Minny isn’t even a .500 team.


I’ve got them right in that ballpark

I think they got worse, lost several key contributors from last season. It all really comes down to the defense, kinda like the Lions in that regard. The Vikes and Lions tied in points allowed last year with 427 points allowed. Only the Bears and Cardinals were worse.

3 of the 4 worst defenses in the entire nfl last year were all in the NFC North. Yikes.


I think the Vikings are going from first to worst in the NFC North. I actually think the Bears are a team no one should sleep on.


I’m with you in that Bears could be #2, but I don’t think they’re ready to challenge our guys yet (hopefully never). Packers have the potential to seriously suck. They couldn’t beat us with Rodgers…Love ain’t gonna change that.

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It took the Vikings getting basically every bounce going their way last year for them to pull off that record. You play the 2022 season 10 times, and they average out to more like a .500 team.

They also got worse from a talent standpoint in the offseason.

I would peg their over/under at 7 wins. It could be worse, and if they get every break like they did last year, they might top out at 9 or 10 wins. Some of it depends on how bad the Bears and Fudgies are. It’s not inconceivable that the Vikes sweep those two teams, and that accounts for half or more of their win total.


I would LOVE that.

If Fields ever learns to throw the ball, Chicago is a serious contender for the Norris title.
I don’t think he has it in him, though.
If Chicago had been smart, they’d have jumped on Hooker in the 2nd round.

Not only the quantity of players the lost but there were some key contributors on that side that left.
Then add this:

With Danielle Hunter choosing to skip the Vikings’ mandatory minicamp, attention is bound to heat up with respect to a potential trade. The veteran pass rusher has already been mentioned in trade talks this offseason, but it remains to be seen how willing Minnesota is to follow through with a potential deal.

Teams have called about Hunter, who has one year remaining on his current contract. The 28-year-old had an encouraging bounce-back season in 2022, racking up 10.5 sacks after two straight campaigns of significant missed time. The Vikings have moved on from several veteran contributors (especially on the defensive side of the ball) this offseason, so it would come as little surprise if a lack of progress in extension talks led to Hunter playing elsewhere in 2023.


Minnesota is gearing up for a rebuild. I’m shocked they didn’t take a QB.
They must have someone in mind for next year, when they’re drafting top five.

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Vikings fans are a little delusional I think. Every time I see them posting on FB or YouTube they’re always dumbfounded by analysts thinking they’re not in the running for taking the north again. They think Cousins is the best QB in the north and they don’t think the 13 wins last year was a fluke.

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Frustrated Michael Scott GIF

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Hooker would be no more successful than Fields has been thus far. The Bears do not have the right system for Fields, which is why any plays he makes is usually on a broken play where he has to improvise and use his athletic ability. The kid can throw the football and he proved that at Ohio State. Can’t really hammer him for coming to a franchise like the Bears where they haven’t even had a 4000 yd passer in their history.

A lot of qb’s have success in college that aren’t passers and don’t have success in the NFL.

And there are a lot (pretty much all actually) of QB’s that have played at Ohio State that have passed for a bunch of yards in college and stunk in the NFL.

Really?? Who?? Who are these “bunch ofs” that you speak of??

I said they passed for a “bunch of yards” and “pretty much all” of the OSU QB’s.

Cardale Jones
Braxton Miller
Terelle Pryor
These are just the recents aside from Fields.
Joe Germaine had the single season record for them, not sure if he still holds that record though.

Or were you looking for all the QB’s outside of Ohio State that threw for a lot of college yards but didn’t have NFL success?