State of the 2024 Lions

Walker’s base salary next season is $8M. No one else is giving him that if he gets cut by the Lions. I don’t know what his free market value will be, but if Brad takes his base salary down to around that level then he’s likely to stay. Unless of course he prefers to go somewhere that he’s got a better chance of playing more.

If he gets cut he’s taking a paycut anyway.

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If true, maybe he ‘Jamaal’s’ himself, & ends up with far less money?

I hope Brad can “Hochenson” some of these cats, when it comes to cap mgt…or package players with picks to move up the board…were gonna be picking 28-32 for the next 15 years.

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I think Tracy Walker is a cut unless he does what Romeo Okwara and Vaitai did. Serious pay cut. Tracy will be a #4 safety and a luxury. Good point.

“Before the (2023) restructure, Walker’s contract only had $2.32 million in dead money in 2024. That means the team could have cut him next offseason and saved $8 million in cap space. Now, the deal will carry $7.32 million in dead money, only offering $5.5 million in savings if a cut is considered.”
Walker 2023 Restructure

If we save a net $5.5 Million I think I do that. I use that $ to re-sign Ceedy Deuce and Glasgow partially.

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Straight out of Black Sheep…lol

It’s not, its a look at the active roster cap dollars. It doesn’t include any cap dollars for players that ended the season on IR, even if they played 16 weeks before being placed on IR. Also if you are looking at spending, you want to look at AAV (average per year). That doesn’t include any of the goofy cap rules that distorts actual spending. Under Full roster AAV, the Lions were 17th in spending.


What matters most is if the Lions can sustain that level of investment in the OL. If the Lions are midpoint in OL spending I think the answer is yes, the Lions can sustain that level of investment. Excellent.


Once Sewell becomes the highest paid tackle in the nfl that’s gonna change rapidly though. I wouldn’t be surprised he gets 25 to 30 million per season. And he’s worth it.


Great post… and I appreciate the time that went into it!

I do like the Autry and Awuzie combo, but don’t feel like there is “quite” enough there to plant our flag in a year we are top 3-5 SB favorites. We have 4 picks in first 3 rounds… and of playoff ready teams… only Cincy, Houston and TB are anywhere close to us in terms of available cap space.

In my opinion that really highlights 24-25’ as the peak window. It doesn’t mean that window can’t be prolonged for a decade, but it’s right here, right now.

  • Many are caught up in Goff, Decker, ASB, and McNeill needing extensions, and Sewell and Hutch on the horizon…. There will be money to sign them ALL- if it’s handled correctly-

Decker- 19M
Goff- 31M
ASB- 1.5M
McNeill- 1.5M

  • we’ve been lucky to be paying these guys about 53M combined the last 2-3 years, and we are about to again in 2024….

Decker - 2 years and 34M extension (plus 24’)
McNeill- 4 years and 64M extension (plus 24’)
ASB- 4 years 96M extension (plus 24’)
Goff- 3 years 153M extension (plus 24’)

  • at a typical first year rate if these deals in 25’, it would likely be about $73MM combined- yes that is 20M more than current… but the salary cap will be 60M plus higher that it’s been also?

—— we had $43MM in cap space eaten by dead cap (31MM) and injured reserve players cap allocations (12MM) most of the IR hit was Big V and E Moseley who were pretty big risks before the season started.

Chiefs - 12M in dead cap hits

49ers- 32M dead cap

Ravens- 10M dead cap

  • if we can manage the amount of dead cap a tiny bit better- we should be able to create 12-15M a year organically, and that would cover a great signing.

Family tradition.

I’d really like to fix either DE, DT or CB in outside FA…

I’m warming up to extending Decker, signing Glasgow to a 3 year 15M deal with most guaranteed to ease into a rotational and sub role to finish his career here, and keep Reynolds on a 2 year 10M deal for same reasons as Glass….

I’d love to get 2 years and 6M out of E Brown with most guaranteed, and know we had a ton of IOL depth and insurance, and simply need a new starting LG….

This offense needs a new and cheap LG and an X receiver, and otherwise to simply run it back!!!

The defense needs a DT worthy of 700 snaps, a CB1, and a edge capable and likely to get 8 plus sacks opposite Hutch

I think round 2 and 3 should bring us a WR and LG….

That leaves round 1 and 3 to fix two of the 3 spots on D, and I’m not confident an edge with that impact is a likely find.

Hutch, B Young, Diaby, Thibz, Karlaftis, W Anderson in the list of impact edge players over the last 2 years and 3 of 6 were top 5 overall picks.

By comparison- Stingley, Sauce, McDuffie, Riq,
Cam Taylor Britt, K Gordon, Spoon, Gonzalez, Banks, Porter Jr, Branch, Stevenson etc-

Danielle Hunter

  • TJ Tampa or Q Mitchell
  • Ruke O
  • adding that and a cheap vet CB to our defense makes us a threat for a top 10-12 unit if you ask me.

E Brown

  • J Polk (X WR)
  • J Foster (OT)
  • J Cohen (LG)
  • K Milton (RB3)

Ragnow/E Brown

I love the OL here.

Q Mitchell
B Branch
Troy Hill

I don’t hate that CB room either

McNeill/Ruke/Levi O
Benito/Bro Mart

I think Ruke and Levi could add 6 sacks from the inside combined?


  • wow!!!

K Milton

  • love this

LB room should be great.


  • 30 plus sacks?

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