State of the 2024 Lions

We all know the wants and holes we have: CB, DT, OG pass rusher and so on. I am gonna look at roster problems overall as in what makes it tough to just sign a free agent.

The OL. Jonah is a free agent that I want back. If this is correct the Lions spent more $ on their OL in 2023 than any other team:

With Sewell needing a pay raise in two years and Decker maybe needing more $ after 2024 AND Glasgow is a free agent how can we also afford a Jonah Jackson again? I hope we keep this band together but it is hard to see this unit together again. MAYBE Jonah will do a one year deal and the same with Graham . But with Jared needing a new deal in 2025 this is a tough reality. BUT…Jared NEEDS a great OL and if he gets top $ fielding a great OL again will be difficult.

With Amon Ra needing a new deal in 2024 and Jared as well as Sewell down the road the Lions will spend a good deal on offense. How does that affect defensive talent and cap that can go towards the defense?

Alim McNeil needs help as does Hutch. Sutton needs BIG help. How can we help the D while sewing up the OL AND being mindful of long-term contracts for Amon Ra, Hutch, Alim and others? Tough needle to thread.

To me Brad needs to extend Goff ASAP so he knows exactly how to structure long-term $ for Goff in order to compete for s Super Bowl in 2024 AND beyond. It starts with Goff and maybe even lowering his cap hit for 2024 by doing that deal now.

Once a Goff deal is done the Lions have a LOT of free agent decisions looming.
Each free agent we bring back hurts the team’s ability to sign an outside free agent. Guys like Jalen Reeves Maybin, Donovan Peoples Jones, Josh Reynolds, Graham Glasgow (maybe the priority here above all else), maybe Ceedy Deuce and so on. DT Benito Jone earned a roster spot to me as part of an excellent run defense. James Houston needs a new cheapo deal too. Will Jonah Jackson sign a cheap one year deal? Vildor is a veteran I want back as depth for example (should be a min. level player).

The more vets we bring back the better the team is BUT the harder it is to re-sign a critical free agent. AND…the draft cannot be counted on in terms of finding a starting level player at a specific position when we are picking 29th. Holmes just needs to add talent period.

The list above represents the guys I want back. Graham, Benito and Jonah are at the top of my list. Jalen Reeves Maybin next. Donovan Peoples Jones and Josh Reynolds are decisions and I think we get one if not both back. I would like to see RB Zonovan Knight back too. After that most guys are on min. level deals BUT that is still a lot of guys eating up cap room. We are better with them BUT…at what cost?

IF Jonah and Graham are back OL is less a short-term issue. Problem solved for 2024.
But CB, DT and pass rusher are big issues. Houston helps solve that BUT…we have zero depth at pass rusher. MAJOR issue there.

It feels like CB and pass rusher are larger holes as at least guys like Paschal, the Commish and Hutch can flex inside. If so…move DT back in terms of need. Levi is a depth guy at least and a viable depth body at this point. Benito is a critical re-sign to me for low dollars.

CB and pass rusher are the issues. Can we afford BOTH as free agents? This feels like a MUST do. The discussion concerning Hasson is tough as I don’t know if it is real AND I’m nit sure Holmes wants to give up cheap depth. There are no bargain CB options either at this point. Moseley ain’t happening again.

It really feels like a veteran option like Denico Autry may be the smart play. He played over 1,700 snaps the last three years for the Titans. 28.5 sacks over the last three years. Will be 34 years old and he is likely looking to win. Could maybe be looking for a reasonable 1 year deal with a winner with upside and we just hired his DL Coach (Denico Autry Contract Breakdowns, Salary Cap Figures, Salaries, Bonuses | Spotrac).

If we go bargain hunting ar DE…can we do that at CB too? We are already paying Sutton solid to larger $ overall. But damn…isn’t it time to bring in another talented CB? It sure feels like Chidobe Awuzie is the right fit. A true outside CB who will likely be available. Will be 29 in 2024 and he played over 700 snaps in 2023 (Chidobe Awuzie Contract Breakdowns, Salary Cap Figures, Salaries, Bonuses | Spotrac).

If the Lions play $ ball and sign those two veterans as well as a chuck of our own free agents that feels like a possible list. That leaves DT as a HUGE hole. But with 4 draft picks in the top 100 Holmes has the tools he needs to keep restocking this club with talent.

The future of this club isn’t going to be decided by high priced free agents that we sign. We need our own stars locked down as well as locking down our own critical free agents. Past that though Brad does need top add some solid vets to flush out the roster. And I think Chidobe Awuzie and Denico Autry would be excellent fits here. Not top dollar guys but experienced guys at positions of need. You give this core those guys, re-sign critical needs ANF have another solid draft and the NFL better watch out.

This draft feels like CB talent will be there late one. We need that. DT talent seems weak overall. If a guy like Interior OL talent Jackson Powers-Johnson falls he will be a HARD guy to pass up at 29. Feels like DT might be more value at the end of rd. 2 to see who is there.

I don’t know but damn, extending talent, re-signing critical core/depth and signing a couple veteran free agents at positions of need is going to be very, very tough to do and I con’t wait to see Holmes get to work!


I personally hope we wait to take our big draft DT swing until next year. What a loaded class. Adding a guy like Autry to the unit should tide us over, especially if Bromart makes any marked improvement.


Autry feels like a fit and is a Brad style signing plus his former coach is here. Too much in favor of it. Do I love it? No, but its a stop gap.

I would also consider Clowney. He’s signed a bunch of one year deals. We could give him two with an easy out. He’s another stop-gap option.

I know I’m in the minority, but I want our OLine to be even better. GG is a no brainer. But I’d look at options for plan B if Jonah walks. Maybe sign Hunt, Zeitler? I don;t think Sorsdal is going to be ready (and kind of have doubts whether he will ever be…please prove me wrong). I’m not against trying to improve or at least make lateral moves on the OL. Does it help our defense? Well, yes. Keep grinding the ball downfield, keep the defense off the field. We’ll win games like that.

BTW, nice post. Yeah JPJ. I’m all over that especially at 29, though doubt it happens. If we could make that happen, yes you pass on a big FA signing on the OL. But what’s the old adage - plug needs with FA, select best players in the draft. With caveats of course.


I certainly hope the 2024 State of the Lions remains Michigan.

If not this board is going to lose it’s sh!t.


20-0 until proven otherwise


State of the 2024 Lions is Michigan…duh.

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I really believe in him!


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My sincerest compliments on a deeply thoughtful article. Thank you for that.

There’s a couple small things I would like to bring to light for consideration. A Goff and Decker extension could add 30 million in salary cap space this year. Money is no object, imo, this year for whoever they wish to pursue.

Secondly, a renegotiaton or outright cut of Tracy Walker will create additional space, but may also create a depth addition need at Safety that a lot of people are overlooking at present.


Extremely well written


Jack Fox


Did you know his middle name is Mehoff ?

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Yup. wonder why he uses “Jack”?

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No idea

But we actually have 2 John Fox in the organization technically


Agreed 100%, but the little I know of Walkers personality, I doubt he accepts a pay cut. I think Walker thinks too much of himself and walks WHEN he’s asked to take a pay cut. I also think that would be a mistake on his part. I hope his agent realizes this.

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I voted for myself!! Too funny.

I like what TClion adds in an extension for Decker might add $ available cap money too. I like that.

Brad’s vision has to be all over his moves this off-season. The NFC North might be the best division in football this year. Top to bottom. We have to win the division again first.

A running game travels well. Goff isn’t as good when he has to create on his own. I don’t think Holmes can afford to field a weak OL.

Our short passing game travels well. Amon Ra isn’t going anywhere.

Stopping the run on D travels well. Benito Jones is an important value player and will be back.

That is the team design and that vision has to drive early moves. Extend Goff and I like adding two years to Decker’s deal. That should allow Brad to lock down Glasgow (a guy that should have never left in
first place) AND likely a value deal for Jonah. Jonah might take a one year deal to get his value back?

From there lock down our own, if we want them back. Jalen Reeves Maybin, Benito Jones, Ceedy Deuce, Reynolds, DPJ, James Houston (RFA I believe) and so on.

Then get to work MAKING THE TEAM BETTER! Locking down our own ensures we are good again. Getting better with a couple vets makes the Lions dangerous to the NFL.

Really enjoy them both, very much a tie, in a good way!