Steal these players from the Bills

I’m looking at Oliver, and Edmunds. DT, and LB are both big needs. I think both will be reasonably priced, both are young, and just hitting their stride. We definitely need to draft a CB early, but signing these guys would open up the draft. Maybe Bijan or heck, I wouldn’t even be against getting OL early! Start him at RG. Eventually move Sewell to LT, and this guy to RT.

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You think they let Oliver walk?


Oliver should already be here. Reason #172 on why Quintricia were road apples.


“I Like Ike”…Ike Boettger. Backup OG with the Bills, played some LT for IOWA and then mostly RT. Injured his senior season kept him from being drafted but he’s been a great backup and has 5 years with them, he’s an UFA this year. I doubt he moves on, even if another team would offer more.

You don’t “steal” starters from good football teams. If they go anywhere it will be for top dollar.

From good teams you look to find a guy that is a back up to a star player.

From bad teams you are looking to get that good starter that wants to get to a better situation.


Oliver would be great, but holy shit he’s hitting the lottery soon. We might be able to resign J-Will, the Commish, and Chark for the same price tag as Oliver is going to get.

Maybe I’m way off, but I see Oliver getting huge money. Impactful DT’s are just so hard to find. We win on thanksgiving if Oliver wasn’t playing. Payne is getting even more.


Those dudes are getting P A I D.

I have wanted Edmunds as my offseason impact guy, but I woukd take Ramsey/Lattimore/other CB or Da’Ron Payne…they all are about to be or are getting PAID, but we gotta have a vet to come in tie things together in that back 7 or completely set the rush on fire


I only see one big FA move. Getting a solid corner. Sign a FA and draft one early. Just like Holmes did last year at receiver.


I was thinking the same thing. A solid vet to teach a youngster on the field.

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Offer our 6th overall and a day two pick to the Falcons for Grady Jarrett and the 8th overall.

Sign a low key DT like Jordan Phillips from the Bills for one of them 1 year prove it deals

Draft Carter #6 if gone then
Go for Kancey or Mazi later on

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What is harder to find. A quality DT or a quality CB. I would argue a quality CB is harder to find. All of the skill kids growing up want to play offense. Which is why it’s always easy to find RB’s & WR’s.

CB one of the hardest positions to evaluate, & hardest to find (due to supply & demand) So if a proven CB is available in FA here’s hoping the Lions sign that individual whoever that is

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I think Holmes is going young so getting Grady (30 this April) doesn’t look to be a fit for his long term plans


I absolutely (!!!) think we need to draft and sign a 3-tech to boost that position. Anything we get from Levi at this point would be a plus, but can’t be counted on imo. Didn’t realize Oliver was a FA? I’d be happy with a Taven Bryan or David O. though if Oliver didn’t work out.

I personally hope we take a DT with our 1st pick as well. We need two at least. Maybe three honestly since we don’t really have a backup for McNeil on contract. I actually wouldn’t be shocked if Carter fell to 6 just due to how the DT position is value/devalued in the league currently. If he’s gone though I hope someone trades up to 6 to pick up a QB and we can go back a few spots and grab Breese.

Actually David O (New Orleans - too lazy to look up the spelling of the last name) might be a little too rich for our front office. Throw in Jerran Reed as another guy I’d love to sign as a rotational piece.

And we already got burned once trading for an aging DT in Brockers.

I read on Walterfootball Carter has character issues. Doesn’t work hard. Doesn’t love football. And other things. If any of that is true, I would pass on him, and I expect other teams will also.

I find that hard to believe as I posted when stated here previously. I live outside Athens, UGA is my 2nd CFB team and I have not heard anything like this about him.

I do not think he’s a good fit to be honest.

He has been inconsistent so the Bills went out and signed R. Smith to a big contract. Then in his contract year he suddenly starts playing a lot better. That’s a huge red flag for me. He’s still very young though.

Lovente David from TB would be a good fit. He’s 32 but still playing at a high level and is an excellent leader. I think we need his veteran presence. He could be signed on a two year deal and help us develop our youth while still providing excellent play. His age will keep his contract amounts down.