Steelers decline 5th yr options on Harris & Fields

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Little shocked about both.

Harris was $6m. Monty money. Worth it for a good RB. Especially behind that Revamped OL. And your not going to extend him for less than that. So hes gone after the season.

Fields was only $25m if he balls out, hes gonna get 30-50. If he doesn’t at least you have a bridge to your next guy. Because they have no one on the roster for 2025 to play QB.

And its not like they are strapped for space either. 2nd most in NFL for 2025. Just bazar all around

Fields may go down as one of the most overrated players in the NFL history. I get there’s a chance he could still workout. But to date I can’t think of player who has been given more hype for what is really just not good football on a consistent basis. Other than playing Detroit twice a year.


Oh i agree. Fields is trash and way over hyped.

However. They have a boat load of cap space.
They DONT have a QB signed in 2025z
And i dont expect Pittsburgh to be drafting in the top 10 next year to get their QB.

So whats their plan?

Coast this year let Tomlin ride off into the sunset then burn it down after this year? Thats what it looks like to me.

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Thats not steeler football at all. They just revamped their OL and their defense is still stellar. Najee is meh. Has underperformed.


I understand that fully. But you need 3 rbs in todays game. They have the skeleton remains of cordell patterson on the team for 2025.
$6m is dirt cheap for a RB. If he balls out hes gonna want $10m.

My point is whats their plan for after this season. They have most of the team on good deals. But
1 RB for 2025
And 0 QBs for 2025.

I dont see anyway they can improve for 2025.

Draft the 5th qb in the mid 1st round. No.
Trade for a QB? Who? Cousins for 2 first round picks? Dany dimes in a neck brace? Dig up the bones of matt ryan?

I just dont see their plan at all.

And even then have who at backup? 2 undrafted rookies?

I don’t know what year you were born or started watching football….but there are A LOT of players who got waaayyyy more hype and was waaaayyyy more overrated than Fields. I’ll start with Rick Mirer.


Both Fields and Russ on expiring contracts. I’m expecting a circus with the Steelers this year.

blast from the past!

Remember when Shannon Sharpe had Fields as the top QB in the NFC? My gawd that was gold.

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I remember when you wanted the Lions to lose for Paxton Lynch….Now that was GOLD! :rofl:


hmmm…. :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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Can’t say I’m familiar with Mirer. But unless he had endless media outlets calling him a MVP candidate. I’m not going to presume he was more “overrated” than Fields.

He was the #2 overall pick in 1993 after Drew Bledsoe. He was supposed to be the next Joe Montana (who was then called the GOAT). Waaayyyyy more overrated than Fields. Brady Quinn was more overrated than Fields.

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I dont get your argument. Draft hype and living up to the hype is no correlation to the Fields argument.

Show me evidence of media members claiming Brady Quinn was a premier NFL QB or shoukd be considered for MVP considering after 2 supbar years of starting in the league.

What are you talking about, wasn’t he the 2023 MVP? At least that is what I heard going into the season.

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No Brady Quinn was.

He’s still overrated….he lived up to NOTHING. Being compared to an GOAT and being picked to be an MVP, you right it doesn’t compare. I mean if you are compared to Joe Montana that suggests you are going to win Super Bowls. Being picked to win an MVP suggests no such thing. And what countless media outlets picked Fields to win an MVP?? And furthermore….how can you suggest a player may go down as the most overrated player in NFL HISTORY when you don’t even know NFL HISTORY??

All draft picks are compared to top NFL players. Its called a talent comparison. Welcome to the draft world.

Sorry, your argument is irrelevant to the concept of being a overrated NFL “player” not draft pick or bust. This time last year media members like Shannon Sharpe and Adam Rank has Fields as the best NFC QB. Never once did Brady Quinn reach that kind of hype as a NFL “player”. Get real :rofl:

Like I said show me a list that had the guys you mentioned ranked this high after actually playing in the league.

First of all you named TWO PEOPLE to support you countless media outlets….so that your first clear gross exaggeration. Secondly, again, you didnt even know who Rick Mirer was so you clearly don’t know NFL HISTORY so that’s your second gross exaggeration. You got two :two: f the same problems. Mirer was, indeed, AN NFL PLAYER who never played at the level he was predicted to play at. Fields didn’t play at the MVP level he was predicted to play at. Same difference. It was a prediction for both players that they failed at….simple but carry on with the gross exaggerations I gotta watch the Leafs game!