Steelers get fined for injury report issue

I guess I’m a little confused by this fine, but I also assume this is the kind of stuff that makes teams over report injuries.

The summary…Steelers fined $75k and Tomlin fined $25k for saying Big Ben was out of a week 2 Wednesday practice for “veteran day off - not injury related.” Then Ben practiced on Thursday and Friday and played in the game. If you remember, Ben’s elbow was a huge issue and he left that game and had season ending surgery to repair it.

But my question is, so what? Do you really think the Steelers knew Ben’s injury was that severe, but practiced him on Thursday and Friday anyways? His elbow must have felt a little sore or tender, so they gave him Wednesday off…which is pretty typical for older players. I believe Tony Romo had nearly all Wednesdays off the last few years of his career. Maybe I look at things different because he’s older and things like elbows get sore but they aren’t really “injuries,” so I can understand where the Steelers were coming from.


Yep - probably why we keep seeing Stafford on the injury report with “hip” - to me that is more confusing.