Stefon Diggs on trading block?

There are some rumors coming out of Minny.

He missed practice today.

I can’t imagine how this helps them if they think they are close.

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I heard the Patriots were linked. The Vikings blew up their window with Kirk Cousins.


I love that the Vikings are kinda imploding!

Zimmer is a joke!


They don’t have the cap room to trade him, I think these are just rumors, nothing more.


Cap room to trade him? Won’t need it if it’s picks or someone with a similar contract.

His remaining bonus would be accelerated, it’d cost them over $8 million extra this year if he’s traded.

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Displeasure in Vikingland…pity.


Really is a shame, isn’t it?


I want him to stay there and become a MAJOR distraction, except if we need them to beat Chicago lol

Awe. I really feel for the Viqueens…

Maybe Cousins didn’t apologize to him for throwing bad passes, like he did Theilen, and he’s pouting.

Golladay, Jones, AND Diggs together? Now that would give me a Schwartz chubb for sur…wait… in that vein, are either Brandon or Nick Chubb available?

One of the Vikings defensive lineman did a locker room interview, which included a question “who would you least like to date your sister”? Diggs was the winner by a landslide. There were also side comments that he was crazy.

Brandon Chubb just tore his ACL. Wont be much help this year. Von Miller could be possible though. I dont think Denver would deal the younger and cheaper pass rusher.

As for Nick Chubb, no way would Cleveland trade him after finally realizing HE is Clevelands offense, not Mayfield

I hope im not confusing my Chubbies here…

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Upon further review… I was indeed confusing my Chubbies.

Brandon Chubb is a LB with Carolina. Im not sure if thats who you were referencing, but I know nothing about him.

Bradley Chubb is the Denver DE who tore his ACL.

Nick Chubb is the RB in Cleveland

I guess they’re all literally related somehow. A Chubb club so to speak.

ESPN did a special on the history of the Chubb’s. It goes back to Chubbtown, Georgia.

Why do I hear banjos?

Diggs said “there’s truth to all rumors”… Looks like Minnesota is in trouble.