Steve and Sam knob-slobbering the Lions

They keep this up and we’ll have to send them Lions branded dental dams.


They just want The Villain to cease and desist with the sweatshirt taunting. If only they had valid criticism of his vision…


Just incredible how far they’ve come. Loaded with young talent. And with a very manageable cap situation to boot. We got so lucky with Holmes/Campbell.


Sam still dusts off the positional value gripe from time to time.


Btw is it just me or does Steve come off as an awesome dude?


They owned up to being wrong about that draft so I give them a little more credit now….but not much! Haha.


If there was only one parachute, I’d give it to Steve, but I like both. They both have their views and are resolute with them, while copping to their errors when they arise.

Now that Nate Tice has left Robert Mays on a regular basis at least, it’s a toss up between Sam & Steve and The Bootleg Guys as most watchable for me. Of course the Bootleg Guys don’t put out as much content at Sam & Steve.

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I do enjoy watching their videos as they typically provide a much more thorough analysis than most of the talking heads out there.

Only gripe I have had with them is they have continually pushed the narrative that Ben Johnson is the one making Goff look better than he is. Goff is a mediocre starting QB in most situations.

I will say that Goff needs a better supporting cast than QBs that can make things work off schedule, which is understandable. Even with that said, he is without a doubt one of the 10 best QBs in the league, and I’d argue top 6-7.

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Agree. For a #1OA pick he sure doesn’t get much respect. He is much better than I ever thought he was.

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It’s the lack of flash. You could even say boring. All he does is go out there, be a traditional pocket passer, run a beast of an offense, let’s the scoreboard talk for itself, and goes home to his beautiful fiancee’.

No sizzle there. Just steak. Well, that works just fine for me.


I like Sam too. But damn he can be stubborn sometimes. Steve just seems like a fun loving gentle giant.

Bootleg guys are really good. I haven’t listened to much of the athletic football show since Nate left. Is it still just rolling guest hosts and Robert?

…the bald guy every time

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I think so. I haven’t listen to The Athletic NFL Podcast since Nate left. Robert Mays has made a few since then.

Pinpoint accuracy isn’t sexy. Not throwing where the WR will get jackhammered isn’t sexy. Composure isn’t sexy. Getting the offense in the best play isn’t sexy.

Winning the 2 playoff games in one season makes up for that though.


Ben Johnson is a dark magic wizard. Every snap he injects himself into the soul of Goff and controls his every movement. Without Ben’s supernatural mind power, Goff would collapse into a confused puddle of Joey Harrington


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