Still ‘meat on the bone’ for Detroit Lions' Jahmyr Gibbs


Not sure I heard the below previously.

Holmes said Gibbs made an adjustment in his game that allowed him to enjoy a strong season while sharing the ball-carrying duties with David Montgomery.

“I thought this was a real credit to him,” Holmes said. He actually recognized that he was going a little too fast. And early on, he was. He’s such a fast, explosive player, he was almost going too fast, and once he kind of caught up to the speed of the game and realized, ‘You know what? I know I’m fast. I trust my speed. I know I’m explosive. I don’t need to go but so fast.’ And so that’s when I think his vision started to get a lot better.

“We never really had any concerns about his vision, but once he figured out the speed at which he needed to play and got up to that speed, he became the player that we thought we were going to get, and, again, I think he’s got a whole lot more left in the tank.”


I don’t remember reading that before either.

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