Still Not Over It…

Usually after night of rest, I get over games. Not this one been listening to this tune all morning long.

It was unjust. Robbed us of a win. Possibly the number two or one seed, Decker the highlight of his career and the entire football watching universe of an amazing finish

When we win a playoff game we will all quickly forget about that screw job.

Until we then have to go on the road and play at Dallas


Nope. I can’t even enjoy wins at this point.
I have zero confidence that it’s not WWWFL

Between the freakish Barnes endzone whiff and the 2-pt reffing fiasco that was some serious Bizarro World s***.

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We are a dangerous team. Don’t you see it ? ….we are a CB1 and a DL short of dominating this league

I listened to this a couple times while stress cleaning.

And the refs keep doing that

No way the NFL is pleased with all time plays being erased. Even the Tomey offsides which is the right call but removes a top 100 play in the history of the league. The league hates that. $$$

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Frog I get it brother. The league is rigged badly but I still cheer for the underdog :laughing:

It is what it is.

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And no matter what happens…it’s all just entertainment. :wink:

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I just rewatched the game. I am more disturbed now than I was last night. It really is a bad look for the NFL. Brad Allen really should not ref another game. How does this keep happening to the Lions organization?

I am just as pissed now as I was Saturday night.

Maybe more.

Brad Allen should absolutely be fired.
And that isn’t even enough.

Jerry Jones is now likely to host a playoff game he shouldn’t have had… Sheila literally got robbed of millions of dollars…

I look at it this way …

The ref’s incompetence cost the Lions. Absolutely. But let’s not forget that the Dallas defense was told No. 70 was eligible, not Decker. If the play had stood with no penalty called, the Cowboys would’ve been screwed; to say another way, if the Cowboys had made that comeback, and got a 2 point conversion when our defense was told of the wrong eligible receiver, our complaint and anger would be even more legitimate, including cries of it being rigged.


or corruption???

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In a league headquartered in NYC and bet on by Vegas, what do you think?

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I am still pissed

I do not know why I can’t shake this but this is part of the reason I stopped being too invested in the Lions. Watching the club get screwed by the NFL refs over and over makes it super hard.

And I 100% put part of this on the Owner box. You will never see Jerry Jones get screwed….because he makes it know he would lose his shit.

If your owner does not make a public stink about this type of screw job then no reason for the NFL to make things right or change things.

Doing it privately is not “classy” it just allows to NFL to walk away without any punishment.