Stinking Mid-tier QB


You’ve got to get up pretty early in the morning (literally) to beat @FreebirdPartDeux.

And he leads the league in turtles. None of them can’t touch him in that category.

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Go ahead! Keep poking the Lion in the nuts.

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Sorry, I just don’t understand all the love for L. Jackson. I got to see him play plenty when I lived in S. PA and worked in Maryland.

Is he good, yes, is he MVP great, not in my opinion.

None of these stats scream great QB

and the playoffs are what matter, period.
These are his playoff numbers

Playoff record Attempts Comp % Yards Yards/gm
Jackson 2-4 195 112 57% 1324 221
Not good

Compare to Goff

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I said this a couple weeks ago but all these QB ratings need to be treated like HS QBs:

Drop Back passer and dual threat.

As a dual threat guy Lamar is lights out.


Too bad that hasn’t translated into playoff wins

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That’s fair. And even if he does he’ll have to do it a certain way. He’s a great QB to front run with and not such a great QB to try and play catch up.

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Very good description of him

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That got me to thinking:

Matt Stafford’s playoff record in Detroit is 0-4.

Jared Goff’s playoff record in Detroit is 2-1.


Hard QB to negotiate with since his moms his agent

My problem with Jackson and the playoffs is he has had good teams he has played on.
Stafford not so much

So you don’t think any of the playoff teams that Matt was apart of here were any good?

Not near the talent Jackson has had. 2014 was close but 2011 we had no defense and in 2017 playoff against Seattle the whole team shit the bed, 49 yards total rushing and 182 yards passing.