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I believe someone earlier posted this was based on historical data, or something like that. Anyone know how many times it happened?

Is it some formula?

As someone I’d classify as watches too much football, I’m surprised that this exact scenario has ever happened, but they got a chart for it.

I do a lot of math work. Typically you plot the data and then fit a curve to it. You don’t need the exact outcome to have happened before to make a prediction, but you do need a lot of data to have confidence in it. If it’s inside of your data it’s called interpolation and if it’s outside your data it’s extrapolation.

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This is one of the most accurate and concise posts I e ever read…

  1. The camp stating “this is what Gibbs is” is exactly why it was a terrible pick. Not a bad one…TERRIBLE- the only comp I can even remotely think of is Chris Johnson… 5’11” 197 with more speed, but he had 2000 yards and 23 tds his final year in college…. So far Gibbs has a turf monster tackle to prevent a TD, and then a big drop on what could have been a HUGE play early. The fact that we passed on a elite CB or 3T to take a part time RB is awful

  2. Glenn keeps getting ore talent, and doubling down on a scheme that doesn’t even remotely make sense. When you safeties who are 20 yards back, your front 4 can’t get home, and thus you have a NB, and 2 LBs spread across the field…. But a RB, TE, and 3 fast WRs in the short passing game is impossible to cover with our schematic. It begs for TE dumps and WR slants until we creep up, THEN DEEP!

  3. It’s one thing to surprise and go on 4th, if the other team expects it constantly, it’s just a down. You lose the element of surprise as advantage.


It’s based on statistical analysis of truckload of historic data from NFL matches, so it’s not that that exact scenario has happened before, but a projection based on analysis of hundreds of thousands of down, distance, possession, field position, remaining time and score differential combinations.

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Analytics decisions are almost always dumb


Slight correction: Analytics decisions are usually dumb around 52.3% of the time. Unless you factor in the radiance variable of the extractable synopsis, in which case, taking positions at a less then desirable spot means your whole team sucks.
Also, when you fail, you lose. When you succeed, you win.


They made the playoffs last year because they beat the Lions.

If losing “is the best thing that could happen to us,” we’d be 34-time Super Bowl champs.

That statement is the most SOL thing I have ever read. It’s worse than consoling yourself with Beans. At least Beans are tangible benefits to losing. This is just a vague hope that we can Jedi-mind-trick ourselves into becoming a better team by leaning valuable lessons from pooping the bed. “Yeah we’re covered in poop but this was a wake-up call to use the toilet.”

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Sheesh @Jman , thanks for explaining how all Lion fans suppose to feel instead of allowing them to just say how they feel. That’s bullshit brother.

You can feel how you want to feel

I just explained the difference of a Lions Fan or a Same Ol Lions Fan.

Which one are you?

What an ass. You really need to change your approach man. Change it up a bit. Like just be an ass 5 days a week, instead of 7.

Sooo stupid that we took Barry at #2.


Every team, even the best ones, has that team that just has their number. I feel like the Seahawks are that team for us. I really really hate those bastards.

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You’re telling me how to approach?

After complaining that I’m telling you how to feel ?

Name calling too huh. Wow your on a good one today bubz

Would hate to see what the 49ers would do to us

I feel like we might matchup OKAY with the 49ers. Not sure.

With Seattle, they’re just so freakin giant at the skill position. No wonder our secondary is banged up trying to tackle 240 lb DK Metcalf and 270 lb Will Dissly. Kenneth Walker and the other RBs are no picnic either.