Strange Feeling with Lions Clinching Early

You might be right. I think I heard that on the POD podcast with the doctor who reviews available players. But I may have misheard

I think worst case the Cowboys will wait as long as possible before tipping their hand

These next two games are definitely going to have a weird feel to them. It’s noticeable when talking about the matchup too, knowing we don’t have to win this one to get where our goals are.


Cowboys beat writer from the Athletic

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Sounds like a 60 minute war of the Titans.

That we win.

My bro!!!

Foxy-boy will start getting reps on NON fakes! They need to get a package of plays in for him for playoff use only

They’ll never see it coming if Fox throws it from the end zone

Which would maximize this year’s return on the Hock trade. My heart is never far from Dem Beans.

100 yard pass… probably a bit underthrown for Jamo…hopefully he gets both toes in

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