Strange Feeling with Lions Clinching Early

Was talking to an old friend today and we had some good laughs about the Lions history and current season.

But 1 main topic we both agreed on was how nice it was for us to play on prime time in late December and the result doesn’t even matter all that much.

Yes… we ■■■■■■■ want the #1 seed. But it’s far fetched and even if the Lions lose to the Cowboys. Nothing changes much.

We still host a playoff game with the same goal.

Winning playoff games.

Thx for listening to my Ted talk

Love ya crazy Lions fans.


It’s gonna a be a weird couple of weeks seeing how this plays out

This place is gonna lose it’s shit if they lose tomorrow and the surrender the last game

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Well it’s settled. Let’s kill the Cowgirls then for the sake of the den. Lmao


I was worried about how they’d come out this game after clinching early, but now I’m leaning towards they’ve got nothing to lose. Could be a bit more like the Packers game to end the season last year. I really feel like they’ll play better and faster the looser they are.


There’s a reason they made marijuana legal……just sayin :rofl:

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Lol well played.

Not even hitting @BitterSyd edibles yet.


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I would love nothing more than to beat Dallas on National TV AND get the #2 seed so we can have 2 home games in the playoffs

Getting to the NFC championship game would be great!!

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Exact same thought here, if anything more pressure on the Cowboys. I think the Lions come out swinging


I wonder how far into our territory the fake punt will be

4 yard line or so.

Fox 96 yard TD pass sounds about right. :wink:

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I’m thinking the number one seed isn’t that far fetched. I think we can beat Dallas. Their NT and LT is out. And their backup LT is ailing

We should be able to disrupt Dak into making mistakes. I’m worried about Sutton being hurt

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Is Smith officially out?

I don’t think that’s true. They’ve sat him entire weeks of practice and still played him at times these past few years.

Questionable last I heard.

I’m pretty sure Rams @ 49ers will be the night game week 18.

What we want IMO is:

Packers win out
Seattle win out
Lions win out

If LA wins they are in as the seven and we get the 1. If the lose Rams are at home and we play GB. I’m okay with both of those scenarios.

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It’s strange not having an interest in where the 1st round pick will be or the wildcard race, that’s the bread and butter of being a Lions fan at this time of year.


I care were our Vikings 3rd. Fortunately Jaren Hall will likely be more like Karen Hall to close out the year.

Its time for a pooch kick to start the game. Defer and get it twice, the opposite of what Jaire almost did…

Absolutely. I don’t even have Tankathon as a shortcut any more!


If the Vikes finish 7-10 our 3rd from them is likely somewher between the 7th and 12th of the round.


I’m feeling strangely optimistic about tomorrow.
They can go to Dallas loose, with very little pressure. All they have to do is what they do.
Win. Once this team learned how to win, they’ve rarely lost.
I saw it posted that people will lose their shit if we lose?
We lose just often enough to remind us it’s possible and that should keep us humble and focused.
I think we go into the post season 13-4.

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