Strange Texts From Unknown Numbers

Have you guys been getting texts from strange numbers?
Over the last 6 months or so, I have been getting weird texts from unknown numbers.

Thought I would share the latest one with you.

serious question & yes, it Is a screenshot from the last one I received.


yea. It’s a thing now. Never respond, they are phishing for active numbers. If you respond, even in a dismissive or witty way you are just making a new list and will be subject to more spam


Thanks, man. I used to block them, but so many come in, I’m eventually going to block a number I need to call. I think they generate fake number too, so what’s on caller Id isn’t even where it came from.


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Bingo. There are many variations on that theme.

The only good thing about it is that it satisfies my human craving to be needed, kind of like the birthday and Thanksgiving cards my insurance agent sends to me. He likes me, he really likes me.

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LOL - I decline about 85% of all calls, “friend requests,” etc.


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I recently sold a couple of items on Facebook Marketplace. Half the respondents were scammers wanting to send me a “verification code” to make sure I was real. I guess if they can get one or two people to fall for it…

To be clear, you absolutely should not have responded to that text.

But your response was effing epic bro. You did us proud.

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Man, there are some old-ass references on this thread.

Exactly why I come here during the offseason!

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