Study: Detroit is best city in US for visiting NFL fans 👀


A bit biased here having not traveled much, like at all. But KC @ #23 is ludicrous. With that tailgate, the food, music, drink, atmosphere, comradery is all contained within. It really is a marvel in “Party”.


Bears #2???

They have to be kidding.
The stadium is a joke of a spaceship replica.
It is not in a great location for fans.
I really just don’t like the city of Chicago. Don’t see the appeal.

Bills at #27 seems low to me based on the reputation they have for a fun tailgate… but maybe the snowstorms at end of year drag them down?

Also… Giants are #13… and Jets are #20.
They play in the SAME stadium!!!
How do they have a 7 slot difference?


The parameters they use are bizarre.

I would think fans’ treatment of visiting fans would be a huge issue. Chicago would be nowhere near the top.


Me neither.


Lived my whole life in in SE Michigan. Never been to Chicago.

Bills fans are AWESOME, never been to or near the stadium though.

MIA - weak place to visit for football
Tampa - same
Jax - Okay
Pittsburgh is AWESOME to visit for fans…my fav by a mile from what I’ve seen So far

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Don’t waste your time… or MONEY… on that place.

I do want to visit Pittsburgh. Heard nothing but good.

Best football venue I’ve seen so far.

Stadium right on a river. Ppl drive their boats to the game and tie down at this section called River Walk. Lots of great restaurants on RiverWalk. Tons of great spots for tailgating. Fans are great to opposing fans, super-safe area of town, etc. Just an overall fun atmosphere.

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Interesting when I travelled nationally Chicago was one of my favorites.
Some excellent Jazz music clubs
Strong breweries
great restaurants
Musuems (Lions from the Ghost in the Darkness movie are there)
Strong architecture
kids loved the aquarium


you just have to look at the author.

Derick Hutchinson

Derick is the Lead Digital Editor for ClickOnDetroit

Derick is also good at getting clicks.


I’m biased as a native Michigander and midwesterner through-and-through, but I vastly prefer Chicago to NY, LA, Houston, etc.


I love Chicago, downtown and Naperville the most. Chinatown, Wrigleyville and the Vietnamese area north of there next. Ravinia…Logan Square…yeah, like it a lot. Jazz/Food/People Palmer House, Alhambra…Museums/Aquarium. Yeah, love it.

I would walk midnight downtown from River North down to Buddy Guy’s with my friend who lives there 2008-12. Was fine.

Now.probably no. Was there with big family group last year downtown and Cubbies, was fine, but vibe was different and even Michigan Ave was a little sketch. Sucks to see how it has been run into the ground, safety wise. Id still go, in fact, am booked for St. Paddy’s Day on the river. Psyched.

Naperville is great if you got the scratch…

Gonna tour JerryWorld when Im in Dallas next month…Cowboys on the road that weekend.

Need to hit Pittsburgh for baseball and football.

KC is awesome to see a game.

Indy is generic but I like the stadium being downtown, because its a very underrated town to visit.

“29. Los Angeles (San Francisco 49ers)”

I don’t even know what this means. I also am confused how the NY Jets and Giants rankings can be so far apart. I’m starting to think that might not be the most reliable source of information.


Well as @Weaselpuppy stated now things have changed in all major cities so my opinion would probably be different for many of these cities today.
With that said.
I loved NY, loved LA and the different cities near LA. Santa Monica, Pasadena etc
I would walk NYC late at night and early am just to watch people so much fun. so many different districts to hit. Jazz club under the blue smoke bbq restaurant, the bar with the wishbones from soldiers past as they left to go to war. McSorleys??? I also found people in NYC extremely friendly, especially pre Uber when I took the subway everywhere. Now, no way in hell would i get on the subway in NYC or anywhere else for that matter.

But my trips were always 3 days, occasionally 4. Just enough time to enjoy the city and then get back home 45mi outside of Atlanta to enjoy the country

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