Stumbled across this QB decision making by PFF

PFF - QB Decision making

Too much info to process right now, the top of the list is expected, so are many of the bottom.

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To see that list of variables and not even have “handsomeness” on the list?
Who TF is making this shit up???

REALLY cool, with that one exception though.
Matt is a better QB than I was giving him credit for, if we are to take this intel as gospel.

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Haha you came to the wrong place buttercup!! He didn’t even use the words just initials, they could mean anything.

Natty always talks about TF’s around here. Taco Fridays are the best!


OK, why do I get the feeling that I have to put another poster on ignore.


If I’m on ignore does it still count when I ‘like’ your posts? :crazy_face:


Nah, we good.

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I had a stroke and now can only do math in base 17 and read in emojis

Please everyone conform to my standards.

Oops …sorry, I mean






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We were never clean. And then Goff’s gf entered the equation. Now we can’t go back.


Since this thread is about Goff this is still on topic.

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She can be on top(ic) anytime.

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What I get is that Herbert and Burrow are outliers. Everyone on the top of the chart is a veteran. It shouldn’t be a big surprise that guys who have been consistent starters in the league over ten years make better decisions. I’m a little surprised though where Brees ranked

So, you join internet boards and from the get go define your terms and you expect all to follow?

Good luck with that.

Youd be better off enjoying the good and overlooking what doesn’t suit your taste.

Interesting OP.
Seems like there’s so much effort put into trying to reduce QBs results to a raw comparable.
I think it’s mostly futile.
Too many factors.
If we worked hard enough we could come up with a list of 100+ factors that will dictate a QBs output.

No doubt the 80/20 rule would apply but still …

I like that Stafford ranks high here. He’s a smart quarterback and we’ve known that for years.

Brady — jeez — again, so many factors

Does Jared know that his girl went on holiday with Ryan Gossling?


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