Such a great vid on the Bills defense, a must watch

Great video, highlighting the Bills D against Stafford. They will be d oing the same against us on Turkey day.

Bills are NASTY!
Our OL will do better than the Rams did.
Bills are stacked with talent and are well coached.
They’ll be rolling the safeties up tighter vs Goff, most likely.


I would also like to note → Bills are doing this by getting pressure with the front 4

I believe we will be trying to do the same. It makes everything else easier.
Those who want us to draft S, CB, LB… → I’m all about the DT

Let’s do what Buffalo does!

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Nice find. Very interesting. Hopefully Jamo is back by then. I’d love to see what Ben dials up for the Bills. Natty, I believe you are right in that our o-line will do a better job if the Bills decide to rush only 4. It may cause them to loosen up their scheme especially if we can run the ball at or near 5 YPC.

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I hope they keep 7 in the box against our run game.
I hope our Oline should be healthier, and Ben will have plenty of tape on them.
Maybe we can give them a good game.

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I think they’ll likely try to get pressure with 4, and see if they can do it…then adjust, when we slash them with Swift right up the middle.
They are aggressive, and JaMoss does amazing against that bump’n’run stuff…BIG gamble to try to jam JaMoss at the line.

They will have to account for the screen game, for sure. If JaMoss gets loose in teh middle with those safeties set that deep, that will be a home run or 2…nobody is catching that guy (if he’s 100%).

This is gonna be fun.
We just need a little more talent at a couple of key positions.

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I just called a colleague of mine in Minnesota and made a small wager with him on the game. Looking forward to it. Gonna be a tough game on the road in a hostile environment but should be fun.

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Enjoy your winnings, my brother.

once we get a little more talent on this roster, people will be foolish to bet against Dan Campbell (the heart and soul of all of this).

I was just outside getting my mail and was talking to my neighbor who is a Seattle Seahawks fan. He knows I follow the Lions (live just outside Columbus, so not many Lion fans out here) and he brought up Dan Campbell, unsolicited, and how much he liked him as a coach. I let him know that his Seahawks are dead meat next weekend.

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Good man

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