Sugar Ray Leonard

Really good video, great fight.


I love these 80s welterweight/lightweight fights between legends like Hearns, Leonard, Hagler, and Duran.

I was just a little to young to see some of the early fights, but you can find them all on YouTube now. Hearns vs Marvelous Marvin Hagler was great for three rounds. I would have loved to see a rematch because Hearns broke his hand in the first round on Hagler’s jaw. Hearns also got massively screwed on the Leonard rematch when they said it was a draw.


Boxing had it’s glory days, Ray Leonard was a big part of it. Watching Joe Frazier take an Ali punch that would have killed most men and still keep moving forward was unreal.

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Probably the only time I got into boxing was the olympics in the late 70’s and 80’s, lot of fun. Other than that, never got into the sport.

Agreed. When I was younger boxing was so big. I remember watching many fights with groups of friends as we had parties to watch the matups.

I watched Sugar Ray beat some great fighters with some awesome matchups.

I watched Tyson dominate opponents.

So many great fights. It’s insane how boxing has lost a following. Personally I think PPV killed boxing.


Back when boxing was really good in that era with Sugar Ray, Marvin Hagler, even Mike Tyson.


So many great fighters…even Olympics. Those Cubans were the shit. Teofilio Stevenson? Stud.

I went to Vegas in late 22 expressly to go see boxing. Total Blast! Stayed at thr Resorts World casino (new) and it was swank. Boxing was in their outdoor mongo tent venue and was fun…went to weigh in and got pictures with the fighters, boxing podcasters and Muhammad Ali’s grandson who is starting a boxing career. Go to Vegas for a fight weekend. Massive fun.

My boxing mega fan buddy Kevin with Ali’s grandson

And us clowns


Teo Stevenson vs Ali was the fight that never happened. Too bad, he was all that.


I have to say Ken Norton was the most overrated boxer I have ever seen

1970’s and 80’s/90’s were truly the glory days. Leonard, Duran, Hagler, Hearns, Frazier, Ali, Foreman, Tyson, Holmes, Norton, Boom-boom Mancini, who am I missing?

Shame that most people can’t even name a single boxer today. Why is it not popular anymore? I really have no idea.


You must be right around my age. I’ve noticed in other era based posts that we share a lot in common, especially in the knowledge department.

When I was a kid these types of fights were a family event. Everyone brought something to eat/drink, and we all sat around our state of the art 18 inch colored zenith tv.



Don King was the best thing and the worst thing that ever happened to boxing, he screwed it up after being so successful.

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