Suggested Headline: Detroit Wins! Green Bay Gets Victory!

Detroit Wins! Green Bay Gets Victory!

That’s all.


I’ll second that!!

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Journalists are scared of losing their jobs. They are replaceable in a dying industry. All terrified yes men top to bottom.

Owners just want money. They are billionaires.

Coaches get fined but almost never say anything. I believe the league colludes and tells coaches they are OUT if they say anything. They also are replaceable in seconds. They are terrified of losing what they worked all their life for.

Whole sport from commissioner down are paid and bought.

If the NFL had an ounce of integrity they would admit that the refs caused Green Bay to win and change it to another tie. It still sucks for us, but, it would beat the usual bullshit.

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They have had AMPLE time to pivot by now.

TheAthletic is doing some really solid work, for instance.

If you work for a newspaper at this point, it’s your own damn fault.