Suh apparently not going back to the Bucs

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You guys think anybody picks him up? I don’t think he’s a great fit for us, but I sure do love what he did when he was here.


Hicks is pretty darn good himself and a couple years younger than Suh.

Suh back to LA to play with Donald again wouldn’t surprise me.


But, It’s not looking like Donald will be with the Rams this season.
They have zero extra cap space. He wants s raise.

It is a stretch to say that it is looking like he won’t be a ram this coming season, the cap can be manipulated. Plenty of offseason left and he wants a new contract. Rumors are that he gets one…they aren’t about to let possibly the greatest defensive player of all-time walk away. His base contract is 9.5 he is underpaid and everyone knows it…


I don’t care where Suh goes to play as long as it’s not here. He definitely makes the all douche bag team.

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I thought Suh hated Stafford. There’s some bad blood between them and I don’t think he goes there.


For the sake of winning…you gotta put bad blood behind. And really why do they have bad blood?


Stafford doesn’t seem to know why Suh doesn’t like him. “Weird Dynamic”

"Not really sure why Suh doesn’t like Matthew, but Suh doesn’t like Matthew. And it has become this weird dynamic in the past couple years like Suh will come out in the media and stay stuff, whatever, it doesn’t even matter, it doesn’t phase Matthew, it is what it is.

Very strange. All Stafford’s former teammates seem to love him. Does Suh blame Stafford for the Lions not winning when he was here!? Strange.


He’s jealous of Matthew being the man in Detroit while he played second fiddle to him. Matthew got paid and was the face of the franchise. Suh wanted to be that, but his quasi-narcissistic personality, and Matthew, kept it from being so.

And as the sun sets on Suh’s career, he becomes smaller and smaller and smaller in the collective memory of the NFL. Where he once had the potential to become a Reggie White or Bubba Baker, his stubbornness and demeanor got in the way. Sad, really, because he truly is quite a physical specimen. Oh well, what might have been.


I still firmly believe it’s because Schwartz coddled stafford and didn’t hold him to the same standard as he did with other players.

I kinda liked Schwartz but also felt it was ironic (and hypocritical) that he was this ‘tough guy’ that wouldn’t let anything slide (not even a post game hand shake) but couldn’t bench stafford or challenge him appropriately while calling other players out.

I think it caused resentment between players. LoJack spoke a little about this years after he left. But I could easily see it rubbing a guy like suh who is ALWAYS working and competing the wrong way.

Especially when your ‘star’ QB is visibly pudgy, throwing games with reckless interceptions and THEN bragging about not needing and wanting to work with specialists in the off season.

Stafford knows.


I couldn’t disagree more brother! Suh has had an amazing career. Super Bowl winner. Missed 2 games in 12 years, and those 2 games he was suspended. He’s been an unreal iron man. He’s missed 0 games in 12 years with injury, including the playoffs, that’s well over 200 starts. He’s commanded double teams most of his career and still has 75+ sacks as a DT.

A super bowl champion with the Bucs. And almost won another with the Rams. He’s a hall of famer for sure in my book.

The Lions with Suh were a legit team, once we lost him we became the “gutter pussies” again as Wolf would say. With Suh, no one was calling us shit like that. Dominant DT’s are super hard to find.


I can subscribe to the notion that Stafford knows the root of the conflct with Suh. But I do believe he doesn’t understand how deep the resentment is with Suh or why it should even be that deep of an issue. While I think Suh could be overly hostile, I do think at worst Stafford could be overly tone deaf to the root of the issue. I put the conflict more on Suh…he does hate QBs. Whatever…Go Lions!

Full disclosure -

I bought Suh’s jersey within a day of being drafted…I bought Stafford’s within a day of being traded.


Yes, he won a SB.
Yes, he’s been unreal (physical specimen).
Still, there’s a gulf between what he wanted to be and what he was. There is no “brand”.

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We wanted him to be all those things though in Detroit right!!?

Love you brother!

I’d guess that suh is being a girl. No offense to girls, but suh let his sister represent him in Detroit. I think suh was a great player, but he’s not anymore. Let him deal with retirement. Love him here… he didn’t want to be here…. Is he HOF material? Maybe. Maybe not if he want HoF he should’ve stayed Detroit and won it

A boy named Suh

Doesn’t matter. That’s not the conversation. We were talking about his hatred of Stafford, to which I attribute most of it to jealousy and his own ambition. There’s his lofty aspirations of establishing a brand like Lebron James and then there’s what he is, which ties into the original point, that he wanted to be the man, but Stafford always was.

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