Sunday Football game(s)

I’m watching the 49’ers & Ravens.
Thoughts; look at Jackson tryin to be all Driskel!


Im rooting for the ravens.

Im also rooting for the Denver, Miami, Washington and New York. :smile:


I find myself rooting for SF.

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I havent been able to like SF since Kapernik showed up.

I hope Pittsburgh beats Cleveland.


It’s funny. Nick Foles is only good in Philly. He has been terrible everywhere else and is awful for Jacksonville. He is getting lit up by the Bucs today


So, this is what real football looks like?

Well forget about rooting for Miami today. Down to New York, Washington and Denver,

Washington and N.Y. not doing to bad.

Whoa go CIN.

The fraudulent Browns always show their true colours. Freddie Kitchens is almost as bad as Patricia.

Ok Ok Miami i am sorry. lol

I haven’t like SF dating back to the Bill Walsh days and the Eddie Murray missed FG.

Watch 1983 NFC Divisional Playoff (Detroit at SF): A Look Back

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Yay Denver!!! We should be #6 OA

Texans are spanking the Pats!

Bill O Brien has done a great job with the Texans. His trades are working out very well.

The plot thickens!

Nice! I used to live in Houston. Not long enough to become an Oilers fan.
Still, happy to see them beat the Pat’s.

Well, Houston is nowhere near Edmonton, so it makes sense. :wink: