Sunday Ticket Question

Does anyone have NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube. If so, are they offering any discount to keep it this year or do you have to pay full price?

I’m waiting for the evolution into team only packages. Give me a package with only Lions games.


Looks like they are offering it at $349 ($100 off regular price) as a stand alone. Or in combination to a YouTubeTV subscription for $179 until May 15th. Which also leads me to believe the NFL schedule is set to release the day after on the 16th.

To be honest, I did enjoy it, moreso than I did on Direct TV. Only problem was I didn’t need it as much just for Lions games as they tended to be on local TV where I lived a lot more than previous years.

But the multi-view channels were great for watching more games at once.


I used to do it every year, but now due to all the cross network programming I just go to the bar.

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Aside from Sunday Ticket, does anyone have Youtube TV as a subscription, and if so, is it worth it.

I just looked it up and was pretty shocked to see that it costs $73.00 a month ($83.00 with taxes). Is this in line with the other major streaming services? I’m starting to wonder what all this cord cutting to save costs is all about.

Right now I have Prime, but only because I was already an Amazon Prime member. I also have Netflix, but only because it comes with my T-Mobile account. I have zero subscription to any other streaming services. I was going to look into maybe going ahead with Youtube TV so that I could get the Sunday Ticket discount, but good lord, $73.00 month seems pretty darn pricey.

I have YoutubeTV and I like it. I had HULU Live TV previously. I only switched because of Sunday Ticket. What I don’t like about the streaming services I have had is that they are delayed vs real life and cable. So if I am talking on the phone with someone about a game, it happens on my TV a minute or so after it happened on theirs.

Cutting the cord is definitely overrated when it comes to cost savings. But the content on current streaming services is better than it used to be, unless you found some pirate feeds. So as they find more media partners to add to their lineup, the cost goes up. For me its still cheaper than my local cable company. Thru my cable company the package that has ESPN included is $109/month and its $146/month to get the package with NFL Network. I like the fact that I can watch TV on my phone or tablet on the go. I also like the flexibility to quickly pull up a game on my tablet or phone and watch it on the side while my wife is watching something on the big TV.

Traveling while watching TV is nice, but its also a bit of a pain because they constantly bug you about your location. I think I had to reconfirm that I was traveling 5 different times just driving thru Ohio (I don’t live in Ohio).


Super good point about being able to access your services when out and about or traveling away from home. Thanks.

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I just canceled Hulu Live TV… Currently I have streaming on Hulu, Disney+, ESPN+, Amazon, Netflix and Paramount… Cutting the live TV cut my TV cost by about half. I’m debating getting live again during the season for the games or paying for Sunday Ticket… Decisions decisions…

$60/month for 6 months for live TV
Or $350 for Sunday Ticket

The price is basically the same

I have Sunday ticket on YouTube this past year. Just renewed the second year for something like $225-250 which was an offer from YouTube TV and NFL Sunday ticket. They usually offer something for a new subscriptions that you might be able to get the same price range.

I always ask customer service if they have a discount for handsome bald guys, and they laugh at me. Truthfully, I dn’t get upset…I know they are on the phone and could not possibly comprehend the extent of the handsomeness…but still…they should require them to handle us on zoom or Skype instead of just phone.

I think Apple wanted to do that, which is why the NFL went with google.

Even at a reduces price, it’s an absolute ripoff, which is why I’m watching games like it’s 2021 again

The one thing I really like is the ability to record. Say for instance, you never watched Seinfeld, but want to watch the series, you can set up record and after a couple of weeks or so, you can start watching from the beginning through the last season, whenever you feel like it and you can fast forward through commercials.

Also, for shows currently airing (like I started watching Tracker on CBS), I can record it and watch at my leisure and fast forward through commercials.

Same with Lions games, If I’m busy on Sunday, I can record, show up at 2pm start watching from the beginning (have to stay off the internet), but I can watch and fast forward through commercials (or between downs).

Did I mention that I really like that you can fast forward through commercials on Youtube?

Had had sunday ticket for years. Youtube is fantastic w it. 0 issues and complaints. During the summer they may run a 100 dollars off incentive but that is it. Gotta remember the reason APPLE did not get the package is bc Apple wanted to sell it at a more affordable package and there was even talk about making it even more affordable for those who have apple tv and the NFL said ■■■■ no bc they want every penny they can make off SUNDAY TICKET. Verizon was running a special where it was free for a year w a new contract w v wireless…but that is not a yearly thing.

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We’ve had Youtubetv since the inception and love it and had the Sunday Ticket this past season with no issues.
The DVR ability is fantastic and the big reason for the Ticket, for me, is the ability to record the games, pause them during the broadcast and more. Something you can’t do with other “streams” i had been using.
It’s typical for me to in home or FL office to have three monitors going plus tablet and a game on each one. YTtv also now offers an option where you can have four games on one tv and rotate the audio between the four which was another great offering.

I travel a lot between GA and FL and between phone, tablet and laptop never have an issue. You get a pop up asking if you are traveling and if yes you are good for three months or something to that effect.

Sunday ticket auto renews so make sure to cancel it before it does unless you want it to renew. There were too many times lions were national last yr for me to justify paying for it this year. You know lions will have even more national games and here in indy they will be the fox game anyways so unless its a blackout for colts control i should get to see 80-90% of the games for free.


I love YouTube tv and Sunday Ticket. I’ve had it so long I can’t imagine not getting it every year. The RedZone is also AWESOME.

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When DirecTV had the Sunday Ticket package, you were not allowed to access Sunday Ticket if you were inside or next to an NFL stadium during a game. Does anyone know if its the same way with YoutubeTV?

Anther great point. Bc of detroit’s rise in popularity, my market (pittsburgh) got like 5-6 local showings that were not national showings. So when it was all said and done, i was buying sunday ticket for 6 games. For me, it was worth it, for another person, maybe not so much.

While the Lions are the main reason for getting the Ticket, I also watch a ton of other games every weekend.

Theres still local blackout rules so any time lions are on local tv you cant watch on sunday ticket utube