Super Bowl 59 Logo Revealed

Let the conspiracies begin…

This logo will look good on honolulu blue next year.

It kind of looks like Tommy Chong designed it.

Where is the Super Bowl being played next year?

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New Orleans

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KC vs Seattle? Lime green is interesting

SF vs Baltimore
KC vs Minnesota
KC vs Green Bay?

■■■■ all the colors…

Next season is the Lions year.

woo hoo ric flair GIF

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Only color that’s going to matter is the color of the numbers on the scoreboard when we’re winning the whole damn thing.

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Bengals vs Lions confirmed.

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This is what I think will happen

If the grocery chain PubLIX doesn’t somehow sponsor Superbowl LIX, its a huge marketing miss.

Lions ending the Chiefs reign while that logo is on the field.

Honoring the origins of the Detroit Lions as the Portsmouth Spartans is only fitting given the Lions new uniforms next year. Portsmouth Spartan purple, combined with the silver of the Lions of today, as represented by the silver trophy, clearly depict that the Lions will indeed be taking center stage in the Super Bowl, where they will be facing off against none other than the Cleveland Browns, for when you saturate the purple, green, and red, you get Brown, Cleveland Brown. Lightening the red with the silver gives the orange of the helmet of the Browns.

Both teams are green to the Super Bowl. This clearly indicates a Lions vs Browns Super Bowl. You just need to expand your mind maaaannnn. :laughing:

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Superbowl 69 we’re going to win with Hooker for sure.

Way too long to wait… that’s like 11 more years. Haha Hooker will be pushing 40 by then.

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Is it going to be played in Bikini Bottom?

You can see it in the Logo too. :sunglasses:

New Orleans Saints GIF by jbianart

Are you suggesting a 40 year old Hooker can’t get the job done?


I didn’t say that…but you just did :joy::joy::joy: