Super Bowl hangover… Mock My Off-Season

I think the hires of Townsend (CBs) and T Williams along the DL as a nice jumping off point. Clearly something was a bit off with Bly and how the guys were responding, as I’ve never witnessed so many CBs get caught looking into the backfield- EVER. At times it was like Sutton had forgotten all fundamentals completely.

—Re-Sign: I think we need to be a bit careful here. Last year many wanted Swaggy back (me too) and would have overpaid (Holmes too), but thankfully greed got in the way. Charles Harris, Romeo, Big V, Tracy Walker, I Buggs, K Raymond, Comish, AA, and J Reynolds are all guys this regime has chosen to re-up, or keep at a detrimental cap hit and or roster spot. Only AA, Raymond and Reynolds have come close to playing to their “new deals” and going 3 for 9 is far from optimal with one’s own players. I get the Big V thing wasn’t them, but I hate we used a roster spot last year, and while we did restructure his hit down, we still owe plenty THIS year, after a fair amount last year for about 200 snaps in his last 51 games on our cap!

  • J Jackson: 1 year 8M is a bit more than a prove it deal, but not a huge commitment to keep stability

  • G Glasgow: 2 years 13M with 6M guaranteed in a deal that lets him retire here…

  • J Reynolds: 2 yrs 10M with 5M guaranteed. This moves secures our WR3/4 spots with Raymond and continuity, but leaves financial room to draft for upside.

  • Ceedy: 2 years 17M with 8M guaranteed

  • JRM: 1 year 3M

  • K Vildor: 1 year 2M

That’s 25M of our 45M in “free agent” cap space for 24’

——Restructure: Comish and Walker each take 2M and 4M hits respectively… still earn above market for their roles.

…… these moves put us at around 37 players under contract that are likely to make the depth chart.

—— Free Agency:

  • Danielle Hunter: 3 years 66M with 42M guaranteed. Can you imagine the Bears signing him and the drafting Maye and Harrison Jr? This is THE move of our 2 year back to back SB run! By 2026 we can get out with very little pain. 24’ hit 15M

  • S Murphy Bunting- Detroit kid with experience inside and in slot. Crazy RAS score, and length and speed we sorely lack. 2 years 10M with year one hit of 3.5M


TJ Tampa- size and speed at CB, ability for man or zone. I prefer Q Mitchell here, but don’t see him falling.

Ruke Orhoroho- violent hands, great burst, and consistent production behind the LOS for a guy newer to the game. Could be a great 3T.

Jarrian Jones- if he tests well I can’t see him falling this far, but all mock sims do so….?

Javon Foster- swing tackle and maybe RT of the future?

Javion Cohen- I like him as a LG option sitting behind Jonah for a year before taking the reins.

C Johnson- could be a nice size/speed option and red zone threat to battle as WR4/5-

Kalen DeLoach- nickel backer, ST maven and direct replacement for JRM

Josh Karty- booming leg

Having J Foster, Cohen and Sorsdal all as depth along the OL for 3-4 years each to learn under Hank and behind guys like Rags, Deck and Sewell?? I love it!

Having Hutch, Hunter, Houston, Paschal, and Comish as the edge rotation? Could there be 28-30 sacks here?

What about Ruke, McNeill, Bro Mart, Levi, and Comish inside? I can imagine there are another 8-10 sacks here?

Our LBs simply take another step forward with Shep developing them, and DeLoach is an interesting weapon to be our 5th LB

A CB room with Sutton, J Jones, Murphy Bunting, Vildor and Gilmore isn’t ideal, but it’s a ways better than what we have. Maybe we have room for a 2M prove it deal with Moseley?

The safety room is stacked again!!!

The QB is pretty damn exciting.

The RB room is rock solid…

The TE room is really solid….

Adding size and speed at WR and bring back the guys Goff already knows, and letting Jamo take another step is plenty.


Question…if we only have 20M in space…then how do we do this…

Let alone this too…

Like most of the moves.

But I am done with ceedy take a Duce!

Walker is getting cut. He won’t take less than what he thinks he is worth and he still feels he is a starter IMO.

Would love Hunter but I don’t think Holmes pays that much to a FA.

We have 52 under contract right now and 46M left…the bottom 14 are nobody that will make the actual roster, nor is there any dead cap tied to them…. Replacing them opens us up to 60MM (before replacement cost of course) and that is before the two small restructures for Walker and Comish- and that’s another 6M or so…. 66MM

Let’s say we have 9M for the draft pool, and we want to bring 7M into the season. That leaves 50MM but also replaces 7 roster spots.

J Jackson - 6.5M
J Reynolds- 4M
Glasgow- 5M
C Reynolds- 2M
Ceedy- 6.5M
Hunter- 15M
Murphy Bunting- 4M

  • 24’ caps hits above…. 43MM

Could easily extend Goff and Saint-

Goff 3 yrs and 153M new money and 4 years and 185M total- agent gets his guy 51M per and early security for it- we keep his AAV down overall to 46MM….

Saint- 4 year 90M extension making it 5 yrs and 92M total- again solid early deal with nice AAV for agent- way some of it in 24’?

Worry about Decker, Alim and Sewell next year- none will have big hits in 2025 of their new deals…. Jonah, Sutton, AA, Monty, Ceedy, Glasgow, Bunting, and maybe Hunter will be gone by 26’ more than likely freeing up all kinds of money again.

And we will have Foster, Soradal, Cohen likely filling 2 OL spots. Reynolds and Raymond will be replaced by cheap rookie deals as WR3-4

Sutton will be a rookie deal.

We have a 2 year window….


In 24-25’ that group will cost 68M AAV… by 26’ the top 3 are gone, and we’d likely have 7M dead cap, but still huge savings from Hunter-

Goff and Decker cost 51M next year…. Sooo 116M

24’ cap is already rock solid…

25’ cap with extensions…first year new deal hits

Goff 35M
Decker 14M
Ra 14M
Alim 12M
Sewell- 20M


There is no need to mention Iffy, Joseph, Paschal- as not all wil stay, improve etc.

The 20M in space for 2 years to add a top 5 edge is worth some navigating.

If we add Hunter, CB, and keep our guards- I think we win it all.

Clowned and Ceedy will cost what Hunter does.

Was rating the post a C until you mentioned Ruke Orhoroho, New rating A+++++++

BTW. JJ is gonna get 10 million per minimum.

It’s a business not greed. It’s something else but it’s not greed

That’s it for my mocking