Survey: Which player do the Lions need to return from IR the most?

Concerning the second survey question—Which player do the Lions need to return from IR the most?—the Lions have four potential options to choose from:

  • S C.J. Gardner-Johnson — in the injury evaluation stage
  • FB Jason Cabinda — in the injury evaluation stage
  • DT Alim McNeill — eligible to return in Week 18
  • EDGE James Houston — is expected to start the injury evaluation stage soon

My vote is McNeill, then Houston. With the way Melifonwu, Joseph, and Branch are playing, CGJ isn’t that big of a need right now.


I think I agree with your choices, yet, CJGJ brings some intangibles to the field as well, but man we need the DL help for Hutch.


Hard to choose.

I choose All of the above

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Full House Ok GIF

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Da Problem is Da Answer!

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Agree Houston is the most needed piece

We can patch/roatate the big fatties along with Cominsky/Paschal/Romeo inside

We don’t have juice opposite Hutch


With Iffy coming out, CJGJ isn’t at important. Hutch needs some help on the edge. We’re still tough up the middle

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If you could put CJGJ’s energy and attitude into James Houston’s body I don’t think this is even remotely a question.

Give me McNeill and Houston in a tie.

Again- I love CJ’s swagger. He’s never been the player some in here give him credit for.

If you compare Kerby in 22-23’ to CJ from 21-22’ you see similar pff ratings, interception and tackle number, and Kerby may be a touch better in QB rating and completion percentage against.

Over the past 2 weeks Iffy has 3 sacks, FF, 14 tackles and 5 passes defended. His pff rating of 82.6 on the year is pretty elite.

Branch has been a stud who will have 80 tackles, 3 plus ints and a sack as a rookie with a few games missed.




Yes I’d love CJ back too, but man would getting McNeill and Houston back be a big deal. Our best interior rusher and exterior sack specialist are missing.

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I’ve got Cabinda!!

why is Cabinda even on the list?

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So when cowboys are scouting us, they aren’t ready for all the fancy shit we do with Rodrigo and JRM

Above all else.

Is he bald?

Not yet

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