HERE we go, I like him, he has great yards per carry. BUT in 5 games ?? 158 total yards rushing.

likable guy but he’s got to get a hell of a lot more yards under his belt before I get on any damn bandwagon or say he should be lead dog.

158 yards is laughable to scream he’s great.


…or…is it laughable that they haven’t used him much?

What you focus on, you will find.

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He’s played in 5 games…

five games

first four games: he also had …
16 targets with 13 catches (81% catch rate!) for 114 yards

you forgot this… and

the rushing yardage is done while only playing an average of 32% of the plays per game…

And, nicely! he’s played on ST now the last three games for a few snaps!!

he now has 275 yards total offensive production in 5 games - where he was only used for 6 plays and had zero rushing yardage in the AZ win - … 4 TD’s (26% of total TD’s by off!) and starting to play and contribute on ST’s…

he’s earning (Present tense as he has got to continue it!) the praise baby!!


Some people would bitch if you invented a cure for cancer. Dude racks up 8.5/carry for 114 yards and draws this post from it?

Take out the 55 yarder where he outran everyone on the field, and he still averaged over 4.5/carry.

I think this dude could evolve into my favorite Lion. Hoping so. Fingers crossed that he shaves his head too - Bald guys rule!


As a shaved headed bald guy I agree


GD right! Shake’n’Bake, Holmes! :wink:


too many “U” turns under them bed sheets baby!!

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Yeah Yards !!! He needs more yards , look at the yards …Rinse , repeat

Cub …Swift has 5 games played …this is what you see & when you see that… the 158 rushing yards are appalling and you split up over 5 games .

Opportunities CUB …For the millionth time… It’s all about Opportunities

Swift has a total of 26 carries …That’s an equivalent to 1 Game played as a lead work horse RB…

CEH (Helaire) had 25 carries week #1

You will never get it or understand it .


cry me a river NY. there are QB’s with more rushing yards than Swift, and our own Adrian Peterson has more yards, there is a MOUNTAIN of RB’s that played 5 games OR LESS that have more yards than Swift does ALA October 20th 2020.

I am aware fully that RB’s have to Block , Catch , Score , AND we use RBBC.
but primary responsibility is the ability to run well . I consider reception yards to…but my focus IS how many yards is A RB generating on the ground , get that !

I don’t even come close to hating Swift, but ( I ) feel he’s not ready to be team leader in rushing yet…either. that is my opinion.

BUT i digress …I did mention NFL QB’s with higher rushing yards than Swift…so:
A. Kyler Murray ARI ( 5 g ) 370 yards “rushing”

B. Cam Newton NE ( 4 g ) 225 yards “rushing”

RB’s beating Swift in rushing yards FIVE games (keeping it fair) OR LESS?

  1. Derrik Henry TEN ( 5 g ) 585 yards.
  2. Dalvin Cook MIN (5 g) 489 yards
  3. Miles Sanders PHI ( 5 g ) 434 yards
  4. Aaron Jones GB ( 5 g ) 389 yards
  5. Josh Jacobs LV ( 5 g ) 377 yards
  6. James Conner PIT ( 5 g ) 369 yards
  7. Nick Chubb CLE ( 4 g ) 335 yards
  8. Raheem Mostert SF ( 4 g ) 303 yards

this being quite he small sample size fwiw.

Cub… everyone you have listed is a featured back, not a rotational piece in a running back by committee.

That’s not an apples to apples comparison.


Guess how many rushing yards Alvin Kamara had in his first five NFL games?

Yep, 158 yards rushing.


Well said and even “taking out” the 55 yard run is dumb as if long runs don’t matter. Might as well take out Derrick Henry’s 94 yard run too. Jeez

Anyway, nobody is anointing Swift as the next Barry Sanders but can’t we enjoy one of the few glimmers of light at the end of an otherwise very dark tunnel without nitpicking the hell out of it? Some Lions fans are so scarred.

And yes, bald guys rule as a new member of The Bald Club (well, a number zero shave not completely bald) after years of trying stupid things to maintain the little hair I did have. It’s a relief to finally embrace the baldness and rid of the insecurity (the “hair guys” don’t realize how hard it is for us baldings). In fact, it looks a whole lot better as I’m one of the lucky ones who has the right shaped head for it. #baldisbeautiful #baldlivesmatter

I’ll revisit this post in 3wks… THEN let’s look at his stats over the most recent 4 game window. He got hurt, no rookie camp, no OTAs, they basically used the first 4 games as his training camp. I think you’ll see the love going forward cub.

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Yup @mtlionfan20. Dude is going to get more touches, find a groove, and more confidence. His 54 yarder should have been at least another 10, if not a TD (20 more yards). He will learn form that, for sure. He still has some nerves out there. Dude is tougher than I thought too.

He’s strong. He’s just short.

Completely agree.

Agree. To me, he doesn’t have Barry’s moves - no way, and he doesn’t quite have Best’s speed, but he’s got a pretty sweet skill set that is a slightly watered down version of both. He’s gonna be a great one if healthy.

Congrats, bro! I first shaved my head in 1998, as a 24 year old school teacher/football coach. My team won district and I let them shave my head. I walked in front of the overhead projector, and one of my students said, “Say, Mister! Your head be shaped like Michael Jordan.” I knew Id never have hair again. :wink:

Back then I was a really avid weight lifter. One of my classes used to chant “Goooooooolld-Beeerg,” referencing the WWE wrestler, when I walked into the room. I’ve always had a lot of fun w/it, and immediately thought I looked better, even though I had a full head of hair, when I started shaving the ol’ cranium.

Your argument makes no sense, sorry. It’s his yards per carry that matter. In other words, all Swift can do is run on the plays called for him. How is he responsible for the staff wanting to use RBBC?. He doesn’t call run plays for himself, so blaming him because of his number of runs makes no sense. You judge him by his average yards per rush, obviously.

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That’s awesome man. That’s the hope for big white guys shaving their head, to get the Goldberg or Stone Cold look.

I’m not a big guy like you, I’m one of those “skinny muscle” guys and always had a full thick head of hair until it started coming out in clumps once I turned 30. I used to style it, gel it, highlight it etc., had the whole pretty boy thing going on (used to wear 3 earrings too, no homo haha) so when it started falling out fast and furiously, it was a tough pill to swallow. After about 5 years of holding on to what little I had left, I said ■■■■ it and had my friend shave it down to a 2 at first then a 1 then I started doing it myself at a zero. Best decision I made.

Advice to those who want to try all those hair treatments, growing it out on the sides with little on top, comb overs etc. Just bite the bullet and shave it, you’ll feel much better about yourself and it’s a lot easier to maintain. Of course not everybody can pull off the shaved head look so it’s not for everybody.