T.J. Vasher 6'5" WR Texas Tech

Just wanted to throw-out another option at WR. I’ve been wanting some smaller, quicker WR’s who are good route-runners…but another option would be to throw over the defense and that is why I wanted to throw this guy into the mix. Depending on his Combine workout, he’s probably a late 4th-6th round option.

T.J. Vasher 2020 Preview
By Charlie Campbell

Career Recap: The Big 12 is a conference that is known for aerial offenses that produce huge point totals and passing production while struggling to play defense. Thus, it feels shocking when scouts from NFL teams start buzzing about a Big 12 receiver when he does not have huge production. However that is the case with Vasher despite modest production heading into his senior year. As a freshman (29-545-6), sophomore (54-687-7), and junior (42-515-6) Vasher did not produce a big year, but he showed a unique skill set to intrigue talent evaluators for the next level.

2020 Season Outlook: Vasher will see some quality defensive backs in games against Texas, Oklahoma and TCU.

Skill-Set Summary: NFL teams are always on the look out for potential No.1 receivers or mismatch weapons that complement the other receivers they already have. With Vasher’s tremendous skill set, he should have plenty of NFL teams hoping to land him in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Vasher routinely makes circus catches using his amazing height, length, leaping ability, hands, and body control to make receptions that one would think are impossible. Vasher has a huge catch radius thanks to his height and long arms. He also has the explosiveness in his lower body to leap well above defenders to high point the ball for contested catches. Vasher’s hands are phenomenal and his big mitts have no problem controlling the ball to secure receptions. With his size, Vasher is never really covered as he makes catches over defensive backs with ease.

Finding a big wide out is not rare, but large receivers that can run as well as Vasher can are tough to find. Vasher has quickness off the snap with speed to separate running routes downfield. After the catch he shows ability to move well for a big receiver. In the NFL, Vasher will be a valuable red zone weapon and he also is phenomenal working the sideline with his insane body control. Vasher is superb working the back shoulder and he will be an asset on third downs.

Here’s how one scout summarized Vasher, “He has some legit [stuff] to him. He’s somewhere between 6-4 and 6-6 and his style of play is sort of A.J. Green-ish. The numbers don’t tell the story of how good he is. He plays fast but he’s not a burner. He might run in the 4.5s or high 4.4s but he has quickness with outstanding to exceptional hands, ball adjust, and decent running after the catch.”

Even though his college stats don’t show it, Vasher could have the skill set to potentially be a No.1 receiver in the NFL. He is a mismatch weapon that has a ton of upside for the pro level.

2021 NFL Draft Expectations: Entering the 2020 season, Vasher has the potential to rise. If he has a big senior year with his freakish skill set, Vasher could become a Thursday night prospect and probably won’t fall out of the second night if he stays consistent.


I like vasher too, he’s got size and speed kinda flying under radar.


I have found over the years that when people feels its absolutely necessary to list a guys size front and center before talking about him, it means his play is lacking.


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the first catch in that clip is insane

Snazzzy lookin’ hi light reel. Feels like Holmes is gonna have a great opportunity to get us some quality


Looks more OBJ-like than anything I have seen from Waddle

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This guy was first team coaches in 2016 and 2017 in the Big 12, ran a 4.55 and is 6’ 4 5/8" and…went undrafted.

And is now a starting WR on a team that went like 12-4 or 13-3. I bet someone wished they would have drafted Lazard now.

GB tried to cut him and AR said no. 2018 Hakeem Butler, also from Iowa State, 2nd team All Big 12, 6’5 5/8", 4.48 40 and he didn’t go until the 4th. Philly took him off the Panthers PS and is trying to make a TE out of him. My point, it’s a deep draft, don’t be surprised if this guy doesn’t get drafted.

I know everybody looks like a star in their highlight video but this video is insane. I would ask how he doesn’t have better stats, but then I see Nico Collins stats and it makes sense.

Looks like a bit of a body catcher at times.

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I’ll throw out a couple I like that can be had in rounds 2-3. - These aren’t the only ones I like but I like all 3 of these guys upsides.

Dez Fitzpatrick - He’s a physical WR who runs good routes. I think he’s under rated in most mocks too.

Tylan Wallace - This kid was in route to be a first round WR and one of the top producers in the country before he blew his ACL. He hasn’t been quite the same player but he started to look like he was getting back to it in 2020. Huge upside selection. I really like this kid.

Aman-Ra Brown - There’s a pattern here. All 3 of these WR’s are gritty players who fight for the ball.