T.J. Watt could net the Pittsburgh Steelers their QB of the future

TJ Watt could’ve been the Steelers’ version of Matt Stafford in terms of trade value.

I wanted the Lions to draft TJ Watt and was rather surprised when Jarrad Davis was the pick since most draft rankings had him in the 35-50 range, i.e. the upper half of Round 2.



A lot of people, on here at least, had Davis as the pick. I didn’t want him (I wanted Foster though, not Watt), but pretty sure Davis, Taco, Foster and Watt were the most popular picks around here.

Back then, I was still on the old board and had not yet made the transition here.

Hmmm… I think I might have been as well? I can remember who I liked in the draft but I can’t remember what day it is, so who knows, but wherever I was I know Davis was a popular pick.

There were a lot of folks mostly critical of the Davis pick. One of the arguments was against using a top pick on a WILL linebacker and that the WILL was of lower value. Like, it wasn’t even just the pick , it was the instant salary you’re paying him as a 1st rounder.

I defended the WILL position as having value, not so much Davis himself, just sort of responding to the freak-out.

I don’t remember anyone “liking” the draft pick except for a couple that like everything. My recollection is it wasn’t a popular pick.

Birkett got wind of who they liked and prepared us for it happening, so some guys were like gigging over having had a clue beforehand.

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The Will Harris of linebackers. Pure heart and effort just not very good at football.

It was his Florida teammate who was a much better linebacker.

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My general recollection is that Quinn justified the selection by stating that he was drafting players for Teryl Austin’s 4-3 defense and Watt wouldn’t have been a fit. After Davis busted and Watt unsurprisingly succeeded, Quinn later suggested that had Patricia been the HC with the 3-4 defense, Watt would have been the pick. Of course, as we all do from time to time, the product of total hindsight.

These smaller DEs are a problem.

That is why Hutch is such a good find. Having a legit DE who can hold
The point but with enough speed and bend to also turn the corner on pass rush downs is a tough find.

Usually they are more of a hybrid OLB. Which depending on your defensive set up can be an issue.

This is why Pitt has such a good defense. It is set up for these types. So no one wants them but Pitt LOL

When running this 4-2-5 defense it is hard to justify having a DE that struggles to hold the point.

He admitted at the end of a presser announcing Patricia’s hire “at least I’ll know how to scout Linebackers now”. LOL

Then he drafted Tavai in the second.