Takeaways from Philly game!

I think our fans overrate Philly. I mean they’re maybe a little better than average but this is no elite team. They’re a borderline playoff team.


Yep, I have zero concern about Hutch, he’ll figure it out.


I love you Natty but saying that Goff needs to step WAY up while his weapons (who let him down today) are dangerous if he only plays average is a bit of a bizarre take after this game.

His weapons are the ones who let him down today. Goff had a few struggles early in the game, mostly miscommunications, but dare I say that he was excellent after that.

My takeaway, based on this game alone which I’m sure will change many times, is that QB is far from their biggest need.


I’m having fun. Feels like you were butthurt. I have been wrong before. it happens. If you were joking → that makes us on the same side though.

In this year’s NFC, they could easily be top 3 by season’s end…the conference is kinda booty.


He is making fun of other posters saying that in the gameday thread


Kenan Thompson Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live

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I think it was a false step rather than just cushion. He opened up his hips thinking Brown was going vertical.

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You could just leave it alone. But 1st it was crying now im butt hurt. You are one of favorite posters, but whatever makes you fell good about yourself

Cowboys, Packers, Bucs, Rams, should all finish comfortably above Philly. 49ers too but they’re stepping on their own d*** with Trey Lance.

Care to bet?

I COMPLETELY agree that his weapons let him down.
I see a SHITLOAD where he failed them too.

I created a conversation about this because I wanted to know how you guys feel. I’m aware that there will be opinions all over the place.

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Yeah he’ll be fine. Watching him today 6-8 sacks this year. Then moving forward double digits every year he stays healthy

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Lions lost because they couldn’t contain Hurts or Brown. They actually managed to contain hurts in the 2nd half to a degree. I’m not sure how DC has lost the team. They were in it til the end.

Goff needs to step up, the WRs need to be better… but we lost by 3 when if we had done better in the first half it would be a different story.

Hurts is not a good QB. But we couldn’t stop him running. All the big plays were designed or broken plays. So yes we suck against running QBs but we got a ton of pressure. We need to clean up on running qb’s… otherwise this game is a different story.


This game went better than I expected. I was worried Philly would do the same thing they did to us last year. I think ppl are underestimating the push our d-line was getting today because of Hurts elusiveness.


Perhaps, the Philly/Dallas NFC East battle should be a good one. I just look at Philly’s OL, WR’s, and D, and they should be pretty good as the season goes…and IF Hurtz progresses/get’s better, it’s not really that out of the realm of possibility they win the East and host a playoff game and make a run.

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Which team do you want to bet against? I don’t think I’m giving you 4 teams, that doesn’t sound like a good deal for me. I’ll take any of them 1 on 1.

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The last 3 posts I’ve made on it is responding to you…so who is keeping it going?

Als0- you were not the only one saying it…so…
I just said → If you were truly joking…WE ARE ON THE SAME SIDE!!!

No reason for any butthurt. Same team, no? What’s the deal/issue?


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My main takeaways:

Too slow to adjust to Philly playing a 5-2
Too many dropped passes.
This team don’t quit.
Onside kick needs work
Okudah pass interference was BS
So was the late hit on AA whereas Goff gets no benefit of the doubt
Where is the flag for illegal man downfield on those Hurts throwaways on the RPO? There has to be guys downfield.
I personally liked how it got chippy and it was BS how Walker got tossed after walking away and getting confronted. Maybe I missed it, but it looked like the Philly player swung over the refs.
Get Chark involved more downfield.
Swift looks amazing


Could be. It was weird to see on 3rd and 10, giving up the 10 yards and being run completely out of coverage.

Either way, I’m glad for the day he had and hope he plays as sticky the rest of the year as he did on the play that they called PI.