Takeaways from Philly game!

  1. Dan Campbell has lost this team
  2. MASSIVE improvement
  3. These weapons are dangerous if Goff can just be a C+ guy
  4. Goff needs to step WAY up
  5. DBs better than I thought…Thought they’d get shredded
  6. OL gonna be even better soon
  7. Thank God Ragnow is okay
  8. DL gets to improve…and Brockers is invisible.
  9. Worst game I’ve ever seen Fox have (HATED THAT)

I think Eagles are going to or near the conference title game, and we almost got 'em.
Stupid pick, handful of drops, 2 really bad misses on big gainers, a couple of missed tackles, some REALLY shitty officiating…
We missed that win by millimeters!

Closer than I thought it would be.
NFL is on notice…you don’t want any of this shit! We’re coming. We are not likely a playoff team just yet, but we are FAR from a speed bump. Bring it or get your lunch money taken from you.


I cannot imagine how someone watches this team play and think Campbell has lost this team. It’s almost like it’s a satire post, but it’s not. . .


Clean up the D and we will be fine….

Now actually doing it is a different story!


Just reactionary emotion based posting in a moment with no thought behind it.
Ppl that let thier emotions run the show say all sorts of doozies! :wink:


Season 3 Nbc GIF by The Office


You know he was joking right?>

Anyway, this game pretty much went exactly how we expected no? Its depressing that Rodriguez is the best defensive player on the field by far, but here we are. Swift was awesome. Goff was disappointing. Did Hutchinson play? Also, Campbell did make some really boneheaded decisions, I hope he learns but we will see.


I’m very glad I didn’t hear anything negative about Okudah. Seems like he had a good game. Smith was non-existent.


Hutch reminded me of a roman candle that came out firing, then burned out pretty quick. He’s got alot of raw ability for sure, but he def needs how to learn to play smarter in the NFL.


Wow. Mr thanks positive

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Felt like Okudah did well.
Can someone help us out there?
Did Jeff get beaten at all, today?

I felt like DBs were solid. If we had one more DT, that entire thing looks different!

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Strange reaction. Are you the guy that said Dan lost the team?

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He gave too much cushion on one 3rd and long that cost us. He rounded out the top instead of breaking on the receiver. Makes me wonder about his recovery/confidence/ability to plant and explode.

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DB’s were solid, Okudah looked the part…AO got burned a couple times against Brown, but other than that had a decent game.


I was fucking kidding but you need to keep bringing it up. Thank god

It’s better to burn out, then fade away…

Long live hair metal!!!


Thanks for the explanation. No reason to cry over it, my man. Misunderstandings happen all the time through text.

Lots and lots of things we can fix, and yet we only lost by 3. As close to a moral victory as possible. Now I would just like an actual victory.


LOL - Hutch will do better w/a year of NFL strength and conditioning.


You have brought it up a ton. There’s no crying from me, just pointing it out.

My reactions based on message boards:

  • Lions are going to be great
  • ZOMG Lions are going to awesome!
  • Goff sucks
  • Lions suck
  • Lions really suck
  • Goff threw a pick six
  • Hock ran a bad route
  • Goff still sucks
  • Defense sucks
  • Defense is great
  • Goff still sucks
  • Defense sucks
  • Swift is great
  • Goff is great
  • Goff is awesome
  • Defense sucks