Tampa Bay Buccaneers Creamsicle History…

Just a reminder what happened the last time the TB Bucs wore their Creamsicle jerseys and played the Lions.

Hey, the Lions won the last 4 games I cooked bacon naked.

So there’s that as far as competing relevance


NFC South

We played ATL week 3 and CAR week 5 back a few years ago and LOST both those games

We won this year week 3 and week 5

Last time we played TB in them ugly creamsicle @thats2 uniforms we won…
…so does that mean we lose now?

The nfc switch around

I think they have a pretty bad record in those creamsicles, whether using it as an alternate jersey or their main. They’ve got the stink of suck. Let’s hope it continues.


I know that because i was watching you…

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I gotta sweep for bugs again huh…great.

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I hope the physical scars from that are less encumbering than the mental scars I now have from envisioning it.

Not likely

Me too. He’s more hung like a Dinosaur Dog than a weasel puppy

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When cooking bacon in the buff…be careful with what’s actually cooking.

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Weasel’s Wang Blisters not a bad FF team name.


This is so hot I won’t be able to concentrate on the game anymore. I’ll take a rash of bacon and Weaselpuppy’s single, undersized link sausage, giving up 4.5.

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Barry Single-Handedly Carries Detroit to a W!
(Lions vs. Buccaneers 1994, Week 5)

Uploaded a few hours ago on NFL Throwback

What a wild game!

  • Lions had 0 points at half (3 - 0 score)
  • Barry goes off in 2nd half with 16 rushes for 200 yards
  • Lions win 14 - 9
  • Barry finished with 237 yards and 0 TD’s
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Even Wayne-O was robbing Barry of goal line TDs before Boss Ross was

I gotta be honest. I don’t think the uniforms will have any effect.
If anything, it may piss the Bucs players off that they have to embarrass themselves wearing them.
Better bring our “A” game to play it safe.

I mean if you are saying that by cooking bacon naked the Lions would win I am in. And I am knee deep in smoking meats right now so I read this at first as smoking bacon which is not dangerous at all…then I remembered that cooking it in a pan in dangerous naked…

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