Tankathon (Rounds 1-3)


Lions at #7 currently. Am not holding out any hope of acquiring OSU DE Young at this juncture. Trading 2020 & 2021 1st Round picks is too much, IMO. But I could understand the trade, if, if, Quinn could/would make that trade.

Clemson S/OLB Simmons COULD be a Troy Polomalu clone, playing all over the field…Iowa DE Epenesa has been compared to J.J. Watt in some circles…More risky pick, IMO…CB OSU Okudah would make Slay a Draft Day Trade possible - Round 1 Pick 18-26, a possibility…Lots to consider…But it’s still early…

Anyone have any word on Tua? If he is done that could make things more difficult for us.

Haven’t made up my mind yet, but I got my eye on Derrick Brown from Auburn.

I have reservations about Clemson players other then WR and a QB. They havent really produces very many Elite defensive player.

If we get to 4, do we trade up to 2 to try and get Chase? What would it take to trade up?

It’ll take a small miracle for the Lions to even get IN the top-5.
There are just too many bad teams this year; and that friggin tie may likely leave them at pick #7 or 8.


Everything I’ve read says he’ll probably be fine, but it was doom and gloom there for a minute. I’m guessing he’s still a first-rounder, but there’s no way he’s top 10 at this point. Maybe he returns for his season year and it’s a moot point.

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And with the 7th pick of the 2020 NFL draft, the Detroit Lions select, Tyler Biadasz, C, Wisconsin.
Write it down!
He checks all the boxes, especially the reach.


I’d trade Slay and our # 1 to get Chase. This will be my last draft comment until the draft:)

#6 now. Could still move up.

At #6…and it is a close race. These last four weeks will be an all-out suckfest for Young.

This is somewhat related bc we have to climb above them, but how in the world are the Falcons this terrible? It’s perhaps a flawed roster but they have a lot of talent for a 3 win team

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Can you imagine if the Packers are locked into their spot before that last game with us, and they know if we lose we have a chance at Young.

They’re going to be trying to hand us that game on a silver platter.

It could end up being 2 teams trying their darnedest to throw a game. Could be kind of interesting to watch.

They are still a good team that’s for sure. You can still have a talented roster and have a losing season. Even with a high draft pick/coaching change, they could go from worst to first in the division next season.

If they fire Dan Quinn, I would pursue him as the defensive coordinator.

Stafford is going to play and set the tank on fire.

Half a game out from #3.

That does seem likely. They’ll leave it till week 17 for maximum Temple of Doom heart ripped out of the chest effect.

Although beating the Packers never gets old

I really think he’s playing Sunday

Going by last year’s 31-0 game, tells me that the powers that be don’t give two shits about tanking.

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Looking at other teams schedules, we have a pretty good chance at 4 if we don’t screw up and win a game. Real chance of catching Washington and Miami. Doubt we catch ATL, Cinncinatti or NYG.