Tart could help us

Doubt he would fall to our claim though.


He might fall to us. Missing practices for personal reasons… effort issues… clearly the Titans were done with him. He does have some talent. Kinda sounds like Buggs 2.0


I think Lions might put claim in just to talk to him . The question is who you release of main roster . I know people think inside D line sucks but we are not bad stopping run. Its the inside push we lack.

I don’t know if he is just a line plug we have those an know what there about. We will see if they claim.

We can’t we don’t have enough roster spots
And our PS guys are elite


Exactly. Like Touchdown Tom Kennedy. Impossible to upgrade

I think he’s a bit more naturally talented than Buggs. Though that might be a grass is always greener mentality on my behalf.


Yea it’s also pretty late in the season. Anyone picked up now…by the time they learn some of the scheme the season is basically over.

so Titans sign Bohanna Hammock away from Lions PS…

and now they cut a guy that Lions could potentially sign?

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My very first thought when espying the link. I mean WTF?

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Sounds like a after trade deadline trade…

Sounds like a wet fart…

A Titan sized banana Hammock ya say?!?!?


Oh, we can’t draft Jalen Carter or trade for Chase Young because of culture fit, but a guy gets cut because he’s lazy and has a shitty attitude and suddenly the guy can help us. LOL.

This staff isn’t touching this dude with a 10 foot pole. Because you know, ‘culture’.


The resource requirement here is virtually zero. I don’t see how the scenarios are comparable.


Is culture absolute, or a situational excuse, at least from an in-season addition?

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Not a Holmes guy doesn’t have a blown ACL

lmao gee now I really want him—not* :crazy_face:

Can he play at all?

Article I read said he is looking out for himself and a contract and is essentially fussing over that.

I thought he played well last year when I watched Tennessee. It sounds like that has not been replicated this year.

Snags you got moves…who knew!? :joy: