Tavon Wilson film study vs KC


nice read

Nice read. I found this passage interesting:
"The tight end runs a simple shallow cross over the middle, and while there was some traffic Wilson had to navigate, he dropped way too deep into coverage. He also hitches for a moment and jumps backwards for some reason. Wilson loses so much ground to his opponent that a short completion ends up going for 24 yards.
Looks to me like Wilson was also anticipating a pass to Kelce who is right behind him, hence the ‘hitch’. Although Kelce was semi-covered, if Wilson doesn’t ‘hitch’, the pass might go to Kelce for maybe an even bigger gain. No-win situation!!
Nice read, Tavon did make some big plays…

He played well all pre season and is still playing well. He is a very good value. He has jumped off the screen to me a few times this year and was a major standout in pre season as well.

Yes he is a very good player to have on our team . Just another ex Patriot doing well for us.

Gotta love how the secondary is performing - even without the DL firing on all cylinders yet. Need to get healthy on defense. I kind of thought Wilson was on the way out with the rise of Walker and Harris, but he’s clearly a quality performer.

When Hand and Daniels are back, they should be even more effective. More pressure should equal more turnovers.

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Dr. Iggy in da house! I’m liking the new you!