Taylor Decker gets a Contract Extension

Taylor Decker has agreed to terms on a six-year, $85 million contract according to his agent. Includes $37.5 million fully guaranteed

— kyle meinke (@kmeinke) September 1, 2020
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No other choice.

They never have a developmental draft pick ready to replace these guys.


Good, he’s not great, but good, and with the price of left tackles going up better now, than trying to draft a replacement and them sucking.

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I Like It an when you look the Guarantee money is not huge , how rest is broken down will be interesting. Its 6 years an this really is a a good deal for Lions.

The OL is set going forward young an will get better. With Young starters you can fill backups every year with couple experience players at same time still look for solid young players.

Justin Rogers :More on Decker’s deal. The numbers out there are a bit inflated. It’s essentially a four-year extension. Includes a voidable year at the end to ease year-to-year cap hit. That’s where the six years come from


For comparison sake:

Will be interested to see how it’s structured, but it looks like a good LT deal and one that will surely improve with age, hopefully Decker will too. Now on to Golladay…

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Fact that the Lions included a void year in Deckers contract should mean that there is an option bonus next year. Between the 30% rule last year and expected cap issues next year the option is back in style after 10 years of being almost non-existent

— Jason_OTC (@Jason_OTC) September 1, 2020
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Are you just referring to a hypothetical mid/low round to UDFA type guy to play left tackle for us?

I am really liking the development of the OL and TE group. I feel us getting younger, stronger, and more athletic. Decker is the old guy, now. Nice leadership, even though he’s not our best OL.

Let’s get the TEs and WRs doing some sweet downfield blocking, and get Swift rolling down the field 40+ yards.

The only fly in the ointment: some say that the cap next year will drop by $30 million. What will it be the year after that and the year after that? I think Decker is a decent enough LT and those guys don’t come cheap. Hopefully Golladay isn’t asking or the moon.

It’s a premium position on an NFL Roster, cost is going to be high.

I hope he anchors one of the best Olines in the league…which in turn gives us one of the best offenses for both passing and running.

As a fan all I want from these signings is that they take our team to a championship level.

This is a good deal for a solid LT, low guaranteed money, voidable year, average is just over $14 million/year old which is what we’d pay him on a franchise tag anyway. So much for the talk of Decker “not being in the plans” or “covid affecting extensions” talk.


If you're confused why the Lions didn't pursue Graham Glasgow, this is it. They liked Glasgow, but knew they had to throw a lot of money at offensive tackle too. And now they have, with the Taylor Decker deal bringing the tab to $130 million https://t.co/hiCt941nh9 pic.twitter.com/TKCYfDxC5e

— kyle meinke (@kmeinke) September 1, 2020

I’m speaking of his teams like the Pats or Steelers or Cowboys do it: they draft potential replacements for pending high-priced Vet FAs…then when the time comes, they can change over and release marginal guys due for bloated deals.

Just my opinion; I could be wrong. Not looking for a debate.

As mentioned, now lock for Golladay. I am happy Decker is locked down.

Good catch Yote, as soon as Ibsaw the deal I was thinking it was a 4 year deal.

I like it. They don’t have to keep the hamster wheel turning every 5 years at LT. If he turns out to be Backusian, then I’m OK with having 3 LT over 20 years. Not too many teams do that

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Paging Deadstroke…paging Deadstroke. What’s the 30% rule?


I believe you need to take a deeper dive into the details and explain specifically what you are referring to. That being said, the sucky Lions are amongst the top teams in the league in terms of stability at the left tackle position. Its about the only thing we’ve been decent at. When we were ready to move on from Backus, we brought in Reiff ahead of time. When we were ready to move on from Reiff, we brought Decker in ahead of time. And just between those 3 players that covers nearly 20 years of Lions football and will be close to 25 years when Decker’s deal is coming to a close.

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Not a huge fan of Decker, but this is not that bad of a deal. It is not a massive over payment.


I like the deal and extending Decker. While the hope is to have an Elite LT, a solid one is truly the next best thing. It will be interesting to see how the cap hit for these season and 2021 play out.

Good signing. The player is pretty good and the money is right-sized. He also seems like a good leader / locker room guy. I like the cohesiveness and continuity, too. It’s rare we sign players to second contracts - usually because we are so bad at drafting!!