Taylor Decker is angry and appreciative

Cool to see him come out with both. Glad he’s upset and really like his dedication to the team.

Side note it looks like deandre swift is becoming an everydown back. Would love to see him continue to improve and have JWill back next year along with Jefferson and/or Igwebuike and have a three headed rushing attack


Good for him.


You should really watch it. He takes a big fat s*** on media and those doubting him, trading him, or otherwise. Basically a big healthy middle finger to say “f*** off people.”

I loved it. It was a classic heel promo.


Love this. Taylor Decker is everything you want a Lions LT to be. I know he’s trashing the media a little, but to be honest a lot of this message board was pushing the same narrative for a while. Hopefully we can move on from that once and for all.


Makes me want to go out and bite a kneecap.

Seriously, good for him.


Hopefully those on here who were questioning him and touting him as a trade candidate are man enough to apologize!

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I love that he responded the same way that I did to the trade nonsense. Makes me like him even more


His injury sounds pretty rough when he goes into details. A metal plate and several screws in his hand. That doesn’t sound fun. Hopefully he bounces back from the injury and has a solid 2nd half to the season.

If we could ever get them all healthy including Ragnow, I think it’s a very stout unit.

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Good for him. He’s still a pu$$y for missing time with a finger injury as an O-Lineman in the NFL.

Kidding Taylor. Please don’t eat me.

This is the kinda guy we all want playing LT for this team, and he’s a Dan Campbell kinda guy. Him on one side, Sewell on the other, and Ragnow manning the middle? It’s almost hard to believe but the OL could be legit. Like legit, legit


Legit, legit, legit x eleventy-billion. Can’t wait to (hopefully) see those three together.